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Mullen Five RS 2024.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

Mullen Five RS: American sports electric crossover with over 1000 hp.

American electric vehicle startup Mullen Automotive presented its flagship model at the CES 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas — the mid-size sports crossover Mullen Five RS with a rather impressive design and impressive dynamic characteristics, its production should begin next year.

Mullen Technologies was founded in 2014, when its CEO David Michery bought and merged two not very successful startups — Coda Automotive (made compact electric sedans) and Mullen Motor Cars (made electric sports cars in the spirit of the Tesla Roadster).

In subsequent years, Michery continued to buy up and include failed startups in Mullen, in particular Bollinger and ELMS, while Mullen itself practically does not produce cars and does not have a very good reputation.

Last year, the company built 154 Mullen Three electric cabover trucks at its Tunica, Mississippi, plant, of which 141 have already been shipped to customers.

The commercial line will be the main one for Mullen in the coming years, but the promised passenger models are not yet on the market.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

Mullen’s debut passenger model was supposed to be an electric GT supercar based on the Chinese Qiantu K50: it was planned that it would enter the American market in 2021, but due to a conflict with its Chinese partner, this plan was thwarted.

In 2022, the independent analytical company Hindenburg Research published a devastating investigation on Mullen, from which it follows that David Michery is a fraudster who did not pay the promised money to the Chinese company Qiantu Motor.

Last year, the Mullen press service reported that all disagreements with Qiantu Motor had been resolved, but the original car was awaiting modernization.

The updated Mullen GT has not yet been presented — accordingly, it is unclear when it will hit the market, if at all.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

In turn, the first prototype of the Mullen Five electric crossover with a starting price of $55,000 was shown in the fall of 2021 at the Los Angeles Auto Show; its production was supposed to begin at the end of 2023, but did not begin.

Now the company promises to begin producing it in the next two years, and yesterday the sporty Mullen Five RS debuted at CES.

Pricing for the Mullen Five RS has not yet been announced, with production expected to begin around the end of 2025 and customer shipments sometime during 2026.

The Mullen Five RS is very vaguely similar to the Mullen Five and one gets the impression that they are two different cars: they have different proportions, different optics, different interiors and different technical features.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

Overall length of the Mullen Five RS is 4902 mm, width is 2032 mm, height is 1626 mm, wheelbase is 2946 mm, ground clearance is 170 mm.

The cabin is strictly four-seater with an individual bucket for each rider.

There are three displays on the front panel; the personal virtual assistant Persona based on artificial intelligence is built into the multimedia system. Trunk volume is 725 liters, with the rear seats folded down — 1767 liters.

The Mullen Five RS has a twin-engine power plant (one motor per axle), its maximum total output will be more than 1000 hp. and 1150 Nm, a two-stage gearbox is attached to each motor.

The crossover should accelerate to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) in less than 2 seconds, with a top speed exceeding 320 km/h.

Mullen Five RS 2024.

The 800-volt battery capacity is 100 kWh, and the estimated range on a single charge is 300 miles (483 km) according to the EPA cycle.

Estimated curb weight — 2300 kg. Standard equipment will include carbon-ceramic brakes: the diameter of the front discs is 400 mm (6-piston calipers), the rear discs are 370 mm (4-piston calipers).

The premiere of the Mullen Five RS did not arouse much interest in the American media; some specialized magazines and websites completely ignored it because they did not believe David Michery’s tales.

But let’s hope that he will still surprise us and our American colleagues and bring his miracle crossover to mass production.


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