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New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024 crossover: first images.

This week, the Italian company distributed photos of test samples of the upcoming compact crossover, giving us the opportunity to imagine what the car will look like.

Today, Alfa Romeo has two crossovers in its lineup, the first of which was the Stelvio, which premiered at the end of 2016.

And in February 2022, a more compact Tonale SUV, based on the Jeep Compass, was added to it. In the near future, they will be accompanied by another crossover, which will be one step lower and will be named Milano.

Earlier in the history of the brand, the only car that bore this name was the North American version of the Alfa Romeo 75 sedan, produced from 1986 to 1989.

The new Milano will be one step below the Tonale SUV and will receive an original design that will not overlap with the company’s other new products.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

Only the traditional triangular radiator grille will remain in its place, while there will be headlights that are unusual for the brand with three horizontal bars at the top and one at the bottom.

Another interesting detail is a pair of narrow horizontal slots in the bumper on each side of the grille. The brand icon will move from the radiator grille to the hood, a wide air intake will be located at the bottom of the bumper, and vertical decorative inserts will be located at the edges of it.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

The sidewalls are made smooth in shape, like other crossovers of the brand. The most noticeable differences are the rear door handles “hidden” in the pillars, a broken window sill line and a contrasting black roof.

At the rear, the crossover is interesting with a curved black insert across the entire width of the stern, into which lights are built in the form of three L-shaped elements on each side.

According to preliminary data, the new crossover will share the CMP platform with the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger models. Unlike them, the Milano will receive an all-wheel drive transmission (the Jeep will also have it later).

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

Initially, the Italian crossover will be presented as an electric car, but the traditional version with a gasoline engine will also be available.

The premiere of Alfa Romeo Milano will take place on April 10 in Milan, which is quite logical.

New Alfa Romeo Milano 2024.

The production of the crossover will be established at the same Polish plant of the Stellantis concern, where its brothers — the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger — are already being made.

The Italian company is betting heavily on the new product and expects that Milano will account for about 40% of all brand sales.

Let’s remember that last year Alfa Romeo introduced the 33 Stradale supercar for 2 million euros.


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