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BMW M5 G90 2024.

BMW M5 G90 2024.

BMW M5 G90 2024.

BMW M5 G90 2024 new generation: sedan and Touring station wagon. All the details about the upcoming new product.

The new generation of the BMW 5-Series (G30) was released in the spring of 2023, and later, according to tradition, the most powerful and fastest modification in the family – the BMW M5 (G90) – will debut. And not only in a sedan body, but also in the form of a station wagon.

The main news is that the new M5 will be a rechargeable hybrid. According to preliminary data, technically the model will be unified with the BMW XM crossover.

This means that a V8 4.4 petrol engine (S68) and an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission with a built-in electric motor will be installed under the hood.

The characteristics of the “um fifth” are not known, but the most powerful version of the crossover, Label Red, has an output of 748 hp and 1000 Hm. Obviously, for the new BMW M5 G90 the system will be configured with similar parameters.

In addition to the sedan, there will also be a station wagon.

Interestingly, BMW has decided to bring back the station wagon (which will appear under the G99 symbol) to the range. Let us remember that in the entire history of the M5, the five-door version appeared only in 1992 (M5 E34) and in 2007 (M5 E61).

BMW M5 G90 2024.

But apparently in the wake of high interest in the new BMW M3 Touring (the station wagon body first appeared on the M3), it was decided to return the M5 Touring to the range.

BMW is now actively testing the car on the Nürburgring race track, as well as in urban environments, as confirmed by regular spy photos.

According to preliminary data, the official premiere of the new generation BMW M5 G90 will take place in the first half of 2024. The sedan and Touring wagon are expected to debut simultaneously.

BMW M5 G90 2024.

The new generation BMW M5, in its most powerful version, continues to rack up test kilometers ahead of its market launch in mid-2024.

The standard version of the sedan was released last spring, and among the presented modifications was an electric one.

But the work of the BMW M division is still ongoing, and connoisseurs of its “creativity” can only monitor information leaks and predict what the new “charged” “five” will turn out to be, which, as is already known, will come out in the form of sedans and station wagons.


The biggest news regarding the 2024 BMW M5 is that these cars will be hybrid. They borrow the powertrain from the BMW XM.

That is, under the hood there will be a 4.4-liter V-shaped twin-turbo “eight”, and in addition to it there will be a full-fledged electric motor.

BMW M5 G90 2024.

On the XM crossover in the “hottest” Label Red version, such a pair of units generates 738 hp. With. power and 997 Nm of torque.

Accordingly, on a sedan you can expect a figure of 800 “horses”. This should be enough to compensate for the increased weight of the car due to the appearance of hybrid “superstructures”.

By the way, the current version of the M5 has 627 horsepower and reaches a speed of 96 km/h in 2.6 seconds. Experts suggest that in a hybrid, due to the instantaneous torque of the engine, this figure will be even lower.

If we talk about the appearance of the car, then the BMW M5 2024 sedan will definitely be decorated with wider wings, the bumpers will become more massive and “meaner”, and the radiator grille will receive an original design.

Some elements of the M body kit can already be seen in spy photos of the new product, and there is no doubt that the Bavarians will try to bring the aerodynamics of the sedan body to ideal.

The photo also shows new head lighting units, where the DRLs have taken on the appearance of vertical stripes. However, all this cannot be called the final version, so new versions of body parts may appear before the presentation of the car.

BMW M5 G90 2024.

BMW M5 Touring Estate (G99)

The BMW company has already produced “fives” in the M version with a station wagon body. This happened in 1992 and 2007, and in the second case the Bavarian Touring was equipped with a V10 engine.

Now this modification is being prepared in parallel with the sedan of the 2024 model year and will have a similar hybrid “technique” — V8 biturbo and an electric motor.

However, there may be differences in the exterior that will be noticeable not only in the rear, where a longer roof allows for increased luggage compartment capacity.

Most likely, the BMW M5 Touring station wagon will get an original front bumper with a trapezoidal central air intake.

The new M5 station wagon will have to face quite serious competition from other famous “Germans”.

Audi is also actively working on a station wagon of similar size and with the same “hot character” – the RS6 Avant.

Mercedes is almost ready to have its say, where back in the spring they leaked photos of the AMG E53 station wagon, which is being built on the basis of cars from the updated E-Class family.


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