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New KIA Sorento 2019.

New KIA Sorento 2019.

That Sorento happened to serve as the final chord in the lingering aria update the model range of this Korean manufacturer. New KIA Sorento 2019. And to demonstrate what has changed in this popular crossover for the North American and European markets.

The mid-size SUV hailing from Seoul presented a small restyling. In truth, all the fuss with the update was started here with a completely transparent and logical goal. To this event it was necessary to coincide with the debut of the sports modification Tuon. She has long been asking for a logical expansion of the list of proposals. Judging by the marketing research of Koreans, should immediately gain crowds of enthusiastic fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Immediately after the start of sales.

Well, whether the dreams of guys from South Korea come true — time will tell. We still get acquainted with the list of updates. In order to understand what to expect from the new Sorento.

The design and exterior of the updated cars.

New KIA Sorento 2019. The planned update, of course, could not do without a small facelift. The key word here is “small.” Since, assessing impartially what the Koreans have done in this regard, you understand that all the changes are mostly “for show”. This is to show that the car is trying to keep up with the times. And ready for a positive dynamic regarding its design.

To blame the manufacturer on the root is reckless. Since the 14th year Sorento is not so bad. Her platform was then completely new. It is also effectively universal for several offspring of the South Korean car industry (including Carnival). Therefore, it is logical that KIA will not change it simply in order to create another sensation in the mass media. Yes, and expenses will be in this case completely unjustified.

So all changes are concentrated only in appearance. The body lines are a little modernized. Added fully LED lighting. Overwhelmed both bumper. And in the front of the last appeared already four «eyes» similar to the diode protivotumanok.

The radiator grille now also looks more elegant. And the dual pipe, even in a civil, non-sports editorial, directly hints at the power and agility of the post-reform Sorento.

Nineteen-inch alloy wheels with a corporate design complete the look. By the way, even considering that the chassis remained the same, the revision of the shape of the bumpers affected that the updated crossover «grew up» in length by 11.5 cm.

New in the cabin and equipment KIA Sorento.

The interior will completely change the look of the four-spoke steering wheel. For top-end configurations provided with electric adjustment. Changed the handle automatic transmission.

The availability of a wireless charging station for gadgets will become standard. There will also be a new multimedia with an eight-inch display. It supports both Apple and Android products.

As for comfort. In all but the basic version, leather chairs with stylish quilted surface and decorative stitches will be available. And they have improved support. Also heated and ventilated in most complete sets.

The Koreans have worked very well on the modernization of the luggage compartment. There, the height of the door can now be adjusted. And she herself is controlled by the electric drive. Including from the outside, remotely.


New sports modification from others will be distinguished by tougher shock absorbers. And short springs. Also, the design of the falcon grille will be revised separately for her. Install permanently rails and a new type of mirror housing. The discs are going to go to her black. And the side steps with non-slip surface will be combined with chrome lining on the doors.

In the other trim levels. They were five, the base L, the improved base LX, the average EX, the improved average SX and the top Limited. We can see the following:

— eight-speed automatic transmission. Exactly the same as they put on all the latest updates and KIA, and Hyundai. Lightweight 3.5 kg compared to the old six-speed automatic. With new valve system and integrated mini oil pump.

— four-cylinder turbocharged engines on gasoline for 2 liters and 240 hp. And also two turbo diesel engines for 2 and 2.2 liters with 186th and 202-hp, respectively. For some markets, 188-horsepower 2.4-liter petrol versions with direct injection are also available. Also 200-horsepower diesel 2.2 l.

— Four-wheel drive — regular. But you can choose the version with the front, as well as with the front and plug the full.

New KIA Sorento 2019.

New transmission Koreans really consider their pride. After all, it provides more by a third ratio of lower gear and maximum. As a result, the efficiency and efficiency of the motor increased by an order of magnitude.

But the line of engines migrated from the old versions of cars with almost no changes. Which, of course, is sad. Although, it suggests that in a year or two, one should wait for a full-fledged upgrade of all power units. It is possible that they will coincide with the birth of the next generation of Sorento.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that by the turn of the decades, this Korean is quite prepared. And even in popularity with the same toyotovskim highlander or Ford Edge it can not be compared, having recently lost the position of Mitsubishi Outlander and Volkswagen Tiguan, he has all chances to put on the shoulder blades, not to mention Skoda Kodiaq, Renault Koleos and the 5008th Peugeot.

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