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New Porsche Panamera 2024.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

Today Porsche announced the world premiere of the third generation Panamera.

The event will take place on November 24 in Dubai. The current second-generation model has been produced at the Leipzig plant since 2016, and underwent a planned modernization in 2020.

Now prototypes of the new Panamera are undergoing final driving tests on the roads of Catalonia.

Porsche has already revealed some details about the new car.

The Panamera will retain its familiar format and distinctive body profile, but the wheelbase will be slightly longer to provide room in the second row.

The front part of the body was lightened by using foam-filled steel parts instead of aluminum parts.

The cars in company photographs are already almost devoid of camouflage: it only hides the shape of the headlights.

The interior has not yet been shown, but European media reports that its architecture and design will be similar to the interior of the recently updated Cayenne crossover.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

The biggest changes await us in technical terms: specialists from Zuffenhausen have modified the existing MSB platform, originally created together with Bentley.

There will no longer be a spring suspension, but there will be two “pneumatics” to choose from.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

The basic “semi-active” chassis has two-chamber air struts, the optional “active” one has single-chamber struts.

In both cases, new shock absorbers with separate control of the compression and rebound valves are promised.

Porsche promises significant changes to the Panamera’s engine range.

Priority has been given to the development of the hybrid direction: now there will be as many as four rechargeable hybrids to choose from. However, V6 and V8 petrol turbo engines are here to stay.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

And the four-liter “eight” will even be seriously modified: instead of a pair of double-flow turbochargers, there will be two single-flow ones, which, according to engineers, will reduce harmful emissions and fuel consumption in extreme conditions.

The crankshaft and pistons have also been strengthened, the pressure in the injection system has been increased from 250 to 350 bar, and in the combustion chamber from 120 to 140 bar.

New Porsche Panamera 2024.

The electrical components have also been improved. The traction electric motor in hybrid versions is now fully integrated into the new eight-speed PDK “robot”.

Its power has been increased from 136 to 191 hp. And the capacity of the traction battery for gas-electric modifications will now reach 25.9 kWh.

Porsche will announce other details, including production start dates and prices, at the November presentation.


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