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SWM G01F 2024.

SWM G01F 2024.

SWM G01F 2024.

The new brand is represented by three SUVs, one of which has a seven-seater version. The models have the same engine and gearbox.

The start of assembly at the Kaliningrad Avtotor of models of the Chinese brand SWM with Italian roots (today it is owned by Shineray) was announced back in the spring.

However, then the brand changed its distributor (instead of the Obukhov company, its interests are now represented by Vostok Veter Rus LLC), and it took some time to open new dealer centers, so the price list appeared only in November.

And now sales have finally started.

The model range includes three crossovers — the SWM G01 (length — 4610 mm) and its “sporty” version SWM G01F (4670 mm), as well as the larger SWM G05 Pro (4750 mm), which comes with both five- and seven-seater saloon.

The SUVs have a common wheelbase (2750 mm), the technology is also the same: all models are equipped with a 1.5 petrol turbo engine that produces 139 hp. and 212 Nm and is combined with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches.

SWM G01F 2024.

At the same time, the brand’s website states that the G01 and G01F engines are “powered” by AI-95, and the G05 Pro engine can run on AI-92. In any case, the drive is only front-wheel drive.

The list of standard equipment of the SWM G01 includes LED optics, 18-inch wheels, a panoramic roof, a leather interior, a keyless entry system and an engine start button, ventilation and heating of the driver’s seat, climate control, a multimedia system with a 10-inch screen, a camera rear view, front and side airbags, cruise control.

SWM G01F 2024.

More expensive options additionally have a heated steering wheel and passenger seats (front and rear).

The basic SWM G01F also includes wireless charging for a smartphone, atmospheric interior lighting, a standard video recorder, curtain airbags, all-round cameras, lane marking tracking systems and blind spot monitoring.

The cheapest five-seater SWM G05 Pro has 17-inch wheels, halogen headlights, leather upholstery, air conditioning, multimedia with a 12-inch touchscreen, a camera, a pair of airbags and cruise control.

SWM G01F 2024.

The seven-seat version gets climate control, a panoramic roof, a climate control panel and air ducts for second-row passengers.

“Advanced” G05 Pro configurations also have a heated steering wheel and seats.

SWM G01F 2024.

The price of SWM G01 starts at 2,438,220 rubles, SWM G01F costs from 2,588,340 rubles, the five-seater SWM G05 Pro will cost at least 2,625,960 rubles, the seven-seat crossover costs from 2,733,460 rubles.

Now SWM SUVs are available for purchase in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Tver, Ufa and other cities. At the same time, it is reported that the brand will continue to expand its dealer network.


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