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SWM Tiger 2023.

SWM Tiger 2023.

SWM Tiger 2023.

The Chinese have presented a crossover SWM Tiger: brutal appearance and unpretentious «stuffing»

The Italian brand SWM, currently owned by the Chinese, presented its first model from the range of so-called «second» generation — the crossover Tiger.

If the previous vehicles of the brand had a unified rounded design, the SWM Tiger demonstrates brutal angular appearance.

Moreover, it even has a new logo: three large letters on the grille.

The truck has two-row cabin, but the third row can be ordered for extra charge.

The front panel is also angular. There is a small tablet of multimedia system and the button block with a knob in the center.

The interior itself is as simple as possible and without any frills. The equipment is also poor: there is a usual air conditioner and quite limited set of options.

SWM Tiger 2023 crossover is built on the old G-platforms, which is characterized by the presence of rear independent suspension, but do not count on all-wheel drive.

SWM Tiger 2023.

In terms of dimensions the «Chinese» is largely similar to such models as Nissan X-Trail and Toyota RAV4. It reaches 4,605 mm in length, 1,815 mm in width and 1,810 mm in height. The distance between the axles of the car is 2,780 mm.

In motion the crossover is driven by a 1.5-liter petrol atmospheric engine rated at 116 hp, which can work both with a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic.

Subsequently, the model will also get a gasoline-electric version, becoming the first hybrid in the lineup of the Italian-Chinese brand.

SWM Tiger 2023.

Start of sales of SWM Tiger in China is scheduled for autumn of the twenty-second, the prices are unknown yet.

The developers have high hopes for the novelty, as recently the demand for cars of this brand was low.

Automobile brand SWM has a very rich history. The company first appeared in Italy in 1971 and practically 15 years has been engaged in production of motorcycles.

It then disappeared from the global brand map and returned only 30 years later after being bought out by China’s Shineray Motorcycle.

Beginning in 2016, cars were added to the list of vehicles produced by the brand.

SWM Tiger 2023.

On the eve of the Network there was information that the Chinese brand is preparing for the release of a completely new model — crossover SWM Tiger 2023.

According to experts, the overall body dimensions of the new «Chinese» will be comparable with the flagships of the crossover market — Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X-Trail.

At the same time, in terms of individual parameters the parket will differ. Its dimensions — 4605x1815x1810 mm. At the same time the distance between the axles will be 2780 mm. It is also known that as an option the new crossover will be offered in three-row configuration.

As for the interior of the car, the developer originally planned to build a model claiming the status of luxury representatives from Italy.

SWM Tiger 2023.

However, later his plans changed and the interior turned out quite simple.

The list of available services of the SWM Tiger includes a classic air conditioner, a small multimedia display and a minimal set of electronic helpers.

The power capabilities of the Chinese crossover also do not impress. The car will be equipped with an atmospheric unit of 1.5 liters, which capacity is equal to 116 horsepower.

It will be paired with a five-speed manual transmission or six-speed «automatic transmission». Later the developer plans to build a hybrid crossover modification.

In all versions the car will be exclusively front-wheel drive.
It is assumed that the parkette will appear in China this fall.

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