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Volvo Electric S90 2024.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

The successor to the Volvo Electric S90 2024 is in pre-production andin 2024.

Volvo S90 will be replaced by an electric sedan: what will it be like?

An independent designer has shown what the electric successor to the Volvo S90 will look like.

Earlier it became known that Volvo is preparing an electric crossover to replace the XC90, and, as AutoEvolution suggests, the S90 sedan will suffer the same fate.

The latter has been in service for more than six years, and soon the time will come for a generation change.

The publication publishes renderings by an independent designer who suggested what a hypothetical electric alternative to the current S90 could look like.

It retained the proportions of the current sedan, but gave it the appearance features of the Concept Recharge concept.

The Volvo 90 series, which includes the S90 sedan and V90 station wagon, debuted in 2016, and the model underwent its first restyling in 2019.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

In 2020, the updated Volvo S90/V90 with a retouched appearance and a maximum speed limiter of 180 kilometers per hour reached the Russian market.

In March of this year, Volvo announced a freeze on deliveries of new cars to Russia, and by September, dealer stocks were practically exhausted — in August, only 11 units were sold, six of which were XC90s and five were XC60s.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

Meanwhile, in other markets, Volvo continues to develop and pursue its plan to electrify its lineup.

By 2025, the share of electric vehicles in the company’s global sales should be 50 percent, and another 50 percent will be hybrids.

By 2030, the Swedes will completely abandon the production of cars with internal combustion engines.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

Accordingly, current Volvo models will have electric successors — for example, the Embla crossover has already been confirmed, which is intended to replace the XC90 in the future.

All electric cars of the brand, which will most likely include sedans, will be built in the corporate style demonstrated on the Concept Recharge concept car.

Volvo Electric S90 2024.

This is exactly what the S90 tried on in the renderings: it is depicted with a “plug” in place of the radiator grille and with Mjolnir headlights with unusual graphics.

AutoEvolution suggests that Volvo has two scenarios for the development of the model line: either the S90/V90 will receive electric counterparts, or the 90 series will be retired.

There is no official confirmation of either the first or the second.


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