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Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024. Exeed launches the Sterra ES sedan.
True, the electric car will appear on our market under a different name.

The characteristics for the Russian Federation will be revealed later, but in its homeland the new product is offered with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, as well as with several battery options.

Back in the spring, the premium brand Exeed, owned by Chery, announced a new line that was created specifically for electrified cars.

In China it is Sterra, and for export markets they came up with the name Exlantix.

The first-born of the new series was a large electric sedan; in its homeland its full name sounds like Exeed Sterra ES.

The four-door has already been shown at various exhibitions, and a preliminary price list was even announced earlier. Well, now sales have started in China.

The Sterra ES is based on the new E0X platform with standard air suspension and a fully steerable chassis.

The length of the four-door designed for China is 4945 mm, width – 1978 mm, height – 1467 mm, wheelbase – 3000 mm.

That is, in terms of its size, the electric car is close to the new global BMW 5 Series sedan (and its electric version i5).

The Exeed Sterra ES is offered with 19- or 20-inch wheels, although 21-inch wheels were also included in the certificate (apparently they will become available later).

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

The sedan has a coupe-like silhouette, frameless doors with retractable handles, narrow headlights, rear lights designed as a single plate and a retractable spoiler on the trunk lid.

In addition, the model has pixel information displays: they are located under the head optics and can display, for example, simple drawings or the charge level.

Inside there is a two-spoke steering wheel, a narrow instrument screen and a giant touchscreen for the multimedia system, a two-story central tunnel and a glove box with a password.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

The model also features a glass roof, a head-up display, a road projection module and many security systems (there is also a lidar).

The Exeed Sterra ES sedan is offered to the Chinese in five modifications: Air and Plus have a 400-volt electrical system, and Max, Max+ and Ultra have an 800-volt system.

The first four trim levels are rear-wheel drive, the top four-door is all-wheel drive, that is, with a dual-engine unit.

The Sterra ES Air and Plus have a 252-horsepower electric motor, the Max and Max+ have a 313-horsepower motor, and the total output of the Ultra is 480 hp.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

By the way, it was announced that the latest modification will reach the first “hundred” in just 3.7 seconds.

There are four battery options available, and the most powerful is not the most expensive four-door.

Thus, the basic Sterra ES Air sedan received a 60.7 kWh battery, a nominal power reserve of 550 km (hereinafter – according to the Chinese CLTC cycle).

The Sterra ES Plus has a 66.4 kWh battery and a range of 605 km. The Max and Ultra versions share a battery with a capacity of 79.9 kWh, in the first case the range will be 720 km, in the second – 650 km.

Finally, the pre-top Sterra ES Max+ sedan has a 97.7 kWh battery and a promised range of as much as 905 km.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES 2024.

The price ranges from 225,800 to 339,800 yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 2,858,000 — 4,301,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

As for the global electric sedan Exeed, it was previously designated as Exlantix E03, but on the brand’s English website the model is now listed with the same ES index.

Be that as it may, the four-door has already been announced for the Russian market: the new product should reach us in the first half of next year.

In 2024, the second model of the Sterra/Exlantix series will appear — it will be a crossover, they also plan to bring it to Russia.


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