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Volvo XC90.

Volvo XC90.

Volvo XC90.

Volvo has launched its latest diesel-powered car, and it was the XC90 crossover.

The last diesel Volvo was decided to send as an exhibit to the museum of the Swedish brand, which is located in Gothenburg.

Volvo produced cars with diesel engines for 45 years, now this history has come to an end: the final diesel copy came off the assembly line of the enterprise in Torsland (Sweden).

It should be noted that the European brand continues to follow its «greening» strategy, which involves reducing the number of models with internal combustion engines and increasing the number of «electric cars».

It is assumed that by 2040 the Swedish brand will develop and produce only electric cars.

According to the company’s report, by the end of 2023, sales of fully «green» cars of the Swedish brand increased by 70%, and its share in the global market of electric cars increased by 34%.

The role of the last diesel car Volvo performed a large crossover XC90.

It has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine under the hood.

Volvo XC90.

It is known that this SUV will go not to dealers, but to the museum of the brand, which is located in Gothenburg (Sweden).

It will be a part of the exposition «The New World of Volvo», which will be open to the public from April 14 this year.

It should be noted that a little earlier, in February this year, the last Volvo V60 equipped with a diesel engine rolled off the assembly line in Ghent (Belgium).

Volvo XC90.

The first diesel car was produced by the company back in 1979: it was Volvo 244 GL D6, equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 82 hp (maximum torque — 140 Nm).

In total, since 1991, the Swedish brand has produced more than nine million cars with diesel engines.

It is known that between 2012 and 2016, diesel cars accounted for about 50% of Volvo’s total global sales.

The popularity of diesels began to decline after the «dieselgate» started in 2015 — the echoes of this high-profile scandal are still heard today.

Note, the Volvo XC90 now has an all-electric «twin»: we are talking about the EX90 crossover, which was presented in November 2022.

Volvo XC90.

It is based on the modular platform SPA2 (Scalable Product Architecture 2), developed by Volvo and Geely.

Such a crossover can only have all-wheel drive. The total output of the two-motor installation of the base version is 408 hp (maximum torque — 770 Nm). The top version has a power of 517 hp (910 Nm).

Volvo EX90 is equipped with a 111 kWh traction battery (useful capacity — 107 kWh). The starting version has a range of 585 km without recharging (when calculated on the WLTP cycle), the top version has a range of 580 km.

Volvo XC90.

Maximum speed is limited by electronics at 180 km/h. On acceleration from a place to «hundred» in the first case requires 5.9 seconds, in the second — 4.9 seconds.

By the way, another electric car of the Swedish brand — Volvo EX30 — became the winner of the WCOTY competition in 2024 in the category of Best City Car.

It managed to beat other finalists — Abarth 500e, BYD Dolphin, Lexus LBX and Suzuki Fronx. Meanwhile, the Kia EV9 flagship crossover was recognized as the best car in the World 2024.


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