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Aurus Merlon 2022.

Aurus Merlon 2022.

Aurus Merlon 2022.

The Russian motorcycle from the company Aurus was named Merlon.

FSUE NAMI, which is the developer of models of the Russian brand Aurus, has patented the name «Merlon» and the corresponding graphic logo.

According to the unloading from Rospatent, this name and nameplate are issued according to the class of motor vehicles.

Aurus Merlon 2022.

Apparently, FSUE NAMI plans to use them for a heavy escort motorcycle under development, the first images of which appeared on the network back in March of the twenty-first year.

Note that the word «merlon» denotes chains of battlements of towers and fortress walls, which means that the name of the bike is again associated with the Moscow Kremlin. Recall that the cars of the Russian brand (Arsenal, Komendant and Senat) are named after the Kremlin towers.

Aurus Merlon 2022.

The name Merlon continues the «Kremlin» line of Aurus: all cars are named after the towers of the Moscow Kremlin: Senat sedan — Senate tower, Komendant SUV — Commandant tower, Arsenal minibus — Arsenal tower.

As for the bike itself, the Merlon is being developed on a completely new platform from scratch. According to leaked photos, it has a striking design in the style of Aurus cars.

As you know, specialists of the Kalashnikov concern are working on the creation of an escort motorcycle. The government superbike will have a 190 hp electric motor and can accelerate from zero to 100 in 3.7 seconds.
Serial production will start no earlier than 2022.
The bike received LED optics, a height-adjustable windshield and narrow rear-view mirrors. In its rear part there are capacious wardrobe trunks.

Aurus Merlon 2022.

The approximate acceleration time from zero to hundreds is declared at 3.7 seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 250 km / h. The power reserve is still unknown.

Serial production of the Aurus Merlon should start in 2022-2023, and the business will not be limited to the escort version alone, and the motorcycle will receive versions for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergencies, as well as a full-fledged civilian version.

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