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GAC GS8 2022.

GAC GS8 2022.

GAC GS8 2022.

The upcoming GAC GS8 2022 SUV surprises with a Cadillac-inspired design.

GAC Motors has published the first photos of the new (second) generation GS8 mid-size crossover. The pictures show a prototype of the model, and without camouflage.

The images show that the new GAC GS8 2022 has a more laconic and simplified exterior design.

The car has a brutal front end design with an angular grille and vertical headlights, making it look like Cadillac crossovers (in particular, the XT4).

On the side, the model draws attention to itself with a strict profile with a long hood, and on its monumental stern, the developers have placed vertical shades of lamps.

It is reported that with the change of generation, GAK GS8 has become noticeably larger.

The model in the new body reaches 4,980 mm (+ 180) in length, 1,950 mm (+ 40) in width, and 1,780 mm (+ 10) in height.

GAC GS8 2022.

The distance between the axes of the crossover is 2,920 mm. The Chinese have not yet talked about the technical features of the crossover.

It is known that it was developed on a new platform, and the all-wheel drive car is driven by a hybrid system such as the Toyota Hybrid System, which is based on a two-liter engine.

The aggregate output of the units is declared at the level of 252 hp. (400 Nm).

The new GAC GS8 received a design in the style of Cadillac.

GAC GS8 2022.

The Chinese company GAC is preparing to release a new, second generation GS8 mid-size crossover.

Judging by the photographs that were freely available on the Web, the model received similarities with Cadillac cars, namely the front optics, reminiscent of the XT4.

The SUV has retained the proportions of its predecessor, but now looks more brutal due to the design of the front end with a long hood, vertical headlights and a large angular grille.

The first generation GAC GS8 is presented on the Russian market: the crossover is equipped with a two-liter «turbo four» with a capacity of 190 horsepower (in China, the engine output is 252 horsepower), which is combined with a six-speed automatic Aisin and all-wheel drive.

GAC GS8 2022.

Crossover prices start at 2,098,000 rubles.

As for the second generation model, it is expected that it will be built on a new architecture: to replace the outdated Fiat platform will come the GPMA (Global Platform Modular Architecture) trolley developed by GAC.

In addition, the GS8 can get a hybrid modification with a THS (Toyota Hybrid System) powerplant with an electromechanical variator.

GAC GS8 2022.

According to one version, the Chinese automaker may use its own gasoline engines and a different battery.

According to the Association of European Businesses, since the beginning of 2021, GAC dealers have sold 243 new cars in Russia, including 160 copies of the GS8.

This is one of the lowest results among Chinese brands: for comparison, during the same period Haval sold 12.7 thousand cars, Chery — 12.2 thousand copies, and Geely — 7.3 thousand cars.

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