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BAIC X75 2024.

BAIC X75 2024.

BAIC X75 2024.

The updated BAIC X7 crossover has become a separate model in Russia: meet the BAIC X75.

The SUV with the new index was distinguished by its design and an expanded list of equipment. And it also has a different engine.

Kaliningrad Avtotor announced the expansion of the model range of the Chinese concern BAIC: the BAIC X75 crossover will enter our market in March.

In fact, the restyled X7 is positioned as a new model.

Let us remind you that the X-Seven made its debut in its native China in 2020, and sales of the modernized SUV there started in the spring of 2023.

And the pristine BAIC X7 reached Russia last fall; here it is now offered in the only Comfort configuration.

External differences of the BAIC X75 are a frameless radiator grille, different bumpers, headlights and taillights, plus there is an intermittent diode strip on the front.

The length of the crossover with the highest index is 4745 mm, which is 35 mm longer than our BAIC X7.

BAIC X75 2024.

The remaining dimensions of the cars are the same: width – 1892 mm, height – 1715 mm, wheelbase – 2800 mm. The passport ground clearance is 200 mm.

The five-seater cabin of the X75 has a different front panel with air deflectors hidden in a single line.

They also replaced the steering wheel and redid the central tunnel. But the scoreboard and a separate climate control screen were retained.

BAIC X75 2024.

All BAIC X75 seats are heated, ventilated and have a massage function, and the front passenger seat also has a retractable footrest.

Note that the seats of the Russian BAIC X7 do not have such comfortable options — there is not even heating.

The entire list of X75 equipment has not yet been disclosed, but, most likely, the rest of the crossover will repeat the “X-Seventh”, that is, we are waiting for an all-round camera, cruise control, a marking tracking system and monitoring of “blind” spots.

BAIC X75 2024.

The BAIC X75 is equipped with a 1.5 petrol turbo-four with the factory designation A156T2H, the engine produces 177 hp. and 300 Nm.

The BAIC X7 has a turbo engine of similar volume, but it bears the index A156T1H, its power is 180 hp, maximum torque is 270 Nm.

Both engines can be “powered” by AI-92. One box for two – 7DCT. In any case, the drive is only front-wheel drive.

BAIC X75 2024.

It is stated that the BAIC X75 will reach the first “hundred” in 8.6 seconds (the acceleration time of the X7 to 100 km/h is not specified).

The price of BAIC X75 has not yet been announced. However, it is already clear that this crossover will be more expensive than the BAIC X7. The latter today costs 3,100,000 rubles (excluding special offers).


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