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Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

Cadillac Escalade from AddArmor: armored SUV variant with luxurious interior.

Tuners from AddArmor studio (Wyoming, USA) are engaged in armored vehicles construction and recently they have presented their new project based on the Cadillac Escalade of the actual generation.

Outwardly this SUV looks absolutely standard, although he put a deep tinting of the rear windows.

Plus recognize the modification is possible by the visible frames of the protective panels in the front glazing.

Moreover, the auto has strobe lights built into the grille and special tires, which allow continuing driving even with a bullet.

The American workshop has equipped the car with a light ballistic protection class B6 AR 500, as well as armored windows of B6 class.

All this is designed to protect passengers from small arms hits and explosives.

By the way, the passenger section has a separate safety capsule with a partition behind the first row of seats.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

The interior itself boasts a luxurious finish with the use of high-quality leather, alcantara and decorative hardwood inserts.

There are captain’s chairs on the second row, that is, the car has only four seats.

Rear seats are equipped with heating, cooling and massage functions. Equipment of the modification is very rich.

Thus, to please the passengers are designed Sony sound system, built-in TV Samsung, additional folding tables and tablets.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

Plus, the car has a siren system P1, which, according to the developers, can «help disperse the crowd.

As for the cost of tuning, turning a regular Escalade into an armored one would require at least $75,000 (5.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

AddArmor has turned the Cadillac Escalade into an armored office on wheels.

The huge SUV is designed for four passengers.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

The American company AddArmor from Wyoming, specializing in the production of armored vehicles, has introduced a new project — it is based on the last generation Cadillac Escalade SUV.

In addition to body protection from small arms and explosives, the car has a luxurious interior with rich equipment and luxurious decoration of expensive materials.

The passenger compartment is protected by a separate capsule, which in addition to the side body panels includes a partition behind the first row of seats and a door in the trunk.

The Full Protection Package includes lightweight ballistic protection B6 AR 500 for each individual interior panel and armored glass in the B6 class.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor 2022.

Visually, the SUV does not give away its unusual design, except for deep tinting of the rear windows and visible frames of armored panels in the front windows.

The car is equipped with the P1 siren system, which «helps to disperse the crowd», strobe lights are built into the grille, and the tires have anti-bullet inserts, allowing to continue driving even with shot tires.

The cabin is equipped with two «captain’s» seats, equipped with heating, cooling and massage functions, complemented by folding tables, tablets, Sony audio system and a Samsung TV with Smart TV function built into the cabin divider.

The interior is finished in high-quality leather with alcantara headliner and hardwood inserts.

In addition to the two main seats, there is a pair of folding strap-on seats, which are located against the movement.

The cost of transforming the Cadillac Escalade into an armored car with a luxurious interior is estimated in AddArmor at least 75 thousand dollars.


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