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Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

Chrysler is preparing to expand its lineup: the big sedan 300 may have a successor.

According to CEO Christine Fayell, the brand will have more than three models in 2028.

The Chrysler brand currently belongs to auto giant Stellantis: it was formed early last year through a merger of French group PSA and Italian-American concern FCA (the former names do not apply anymore).

Over the past few years, Chrysler’s sales figures on the home market continued to decline until recently.

Thus, at the end of the coronavirus-stricken year of 2020, Americans bought 110,464 cars: this result was 13% less than the previous year.

However, last year the sales figure in the States increased unexpectedly: in 2021 customers bought 115,004 units, which is 4.1% more than the year before.

Despite the growth in results recorded in the last quarter of last year, Chrysler still has a serious problem, it lies in the fact that the brand’s lineup at the moment is just a couple of «aging» cars: the big 300 sedan and Pacifica minivan.

At that, Stellantis does not hurry to announce new products, the company previously noted that Chrysler will not update the lineup in 2022 and 2023.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

The company confirmed last week that a new production model of the brand will appear closer to 2025: it became known during the CES show in Las Vegas (USA), where a concept of electric crossover Chrysler Airflow was presented.

It is supposed that the next novelty will be the serial version, created on the basis of this show car. At the same time, it is possible that the car will retain this revived name, which the company used in the 1930s.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

Now new details about further transformation of the brand became known. In an interview with Automotive News, the head of Chrysler, Christine Fayell, told about them.

Judging by her words, the brand intends to expand own range of cars in future: in 2028 there will be more than three models in the lineup.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

By the way, Chrysler is supposed to become completely «green» by this year.

So far, only it is known that in the future, Chrysler will offer «a completely new range of products,» with part of it being «brand new products that do not exist today,» and the other part — «products that are currently listed in the segments relevant to the company.

Chrysler Electric 300 2025.

To all appearances, the future lineup of the American brand will include successors both to the Pacifica minivan (which can «re-train» as a crossover), and the big sedan 300.

In addition, the foreign media do not exclude the fact that the company will revive the Voyager, and also as an SUV.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the brand’s lineup will continue to shrink: thus, the manufacturer intends to stop production of the current Chrysler 300 sedan at the end of 2023.

It is assumed that the brand «will mark» this event with the help of limited edition cars.

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