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EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

EdisonFuture EF1-T: electric pickup truck with a solar panel in the form of a bunk.

EdisonFuture is another startup from California that wants to gain a foothold in the promising electric pickup market.

They announced a truck EF1-T with three variants of power plant and a van on its base called EF1-V.

The developers promise that both models will hit the market in the next few months.

The American startup EdisonFuture should not be confused with the South Korean company Edison Motors, which aimed to buy SsangYong.

Behind EdisonFuture is the American energy company SPI Energy, specializing in solar panels and their application in a variety of sectors of the economy.

The development of electric cars EdisonFuture is also connected to the company Phoenix Motorcars — another «daughter» of SPI Energy, which specializes in electric conversions Ford E-Series (a family of bonneted commercial vehicles).

Ironically, Phoenix Motorcars started twenty years ago with electric conversions of the SsangYong Actyon pickup.

EdisonFuture EF1-T is a pickup truck with a two-row 6-seat cab and half-bonneted profile, the design of which worked with the Italian company Icona Design Group.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

In general, the look resembles the pickups and vans of Neuron EV, another California startup, which has already burst.

The main «feature» of the EF1-T is the deep integration of solar panels, which allow you to recharge the battery during daylight hours and connect to an outlet less frequently.

The EF1-T pickup can be equipped with an optional folding sloping body with built-in solar panels.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

If you need to carry bulky cargo, the solar panels have to be folded down, but there are others — on the roof of the cab and built into the front «dashboard»: due to the strong slope of the windshield interior solar area is quite large.

Useful length of the body is 1981 mm, in the extended version — 2438 mm.

About the power plant is not much information: the base version of Standard will have one electric motor with a capacity of 350 kW (476 hp), will be able to accelerate to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) in 6.5 seconds and pull a trailer weighing 3.4 tons.

The top version Super will have three electric motors with a combined capacity of 600 kW (816 hp) and will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, the allowed mass of the towed trailer — 3.85 tons.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

There will also be a third, intermediate Premium version with two electric motors, the capacity of which has not yet been named.

Van EF1-V based on the pickup will be offered with one or two electric motors.

There are sliding wicket doors without glass instead of rear hinged doors, and a double-wing door instead of flap is installed at the back.

Body volume is 7.36 or 11.3 cubic meters depending on the length. As with the pickup, solar panels will be offered as an option, but in this case strictly fixed.

Inside the cabin, as it is now fashionable, there are almost no physical buttons.

In the center of the front panel is mounted a large 17.5-inch touch screen multimedia system.

EdisonFuture EF1-T 2023.

There is a separate small screen for instruments and a projection screen above it.

Two more screens are mounted on the front cab pillars, they show images from the rear view cameras.

In the door cards instead of the usual pockets you can see removable suitcases.

There’s no investor section on the EdisonFuture website, which means it looks like the startup is fully funded by parent SPI Energy.

So far the EdisonFuture EF1-T and EF1-V exist only in the form of pictures, but we want to believe that the live premiere is not far off, as well as the promised market launch. No prices or «milestone» dates for the development of the project are yet available.

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