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Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023. The car dealer is preparing to sell the HiPhi Z electric sports car in Russia.

One of the major dealer networks is preparing to start selling the HiPhi Z sports model, which will be delivered to the Russian market from China. The price of the novelty has not yet been declassified.

HiPhi is a trademark of Human Horizons, under which it sells premium electric vehicles of its own design, stuffed with the latest electronics, including an autopilot of its own design.

The HiPhi Z electric car has been produced at a Chinese car factory since last year.

The hypercar also has the option of remotely opening passenger doors.

The system opens the doors electronically when a motorist’s face is recognized or after de-alarming.

This can be done with a key or an application on a mobile phone. All doors close at the same time with just one push of a button.

The model is 5,036 mm long, 2,018 mm wide, 1,439 mm high with a wheelbase of 3,150 mm.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

The model is driven by two electric motors. Together they generate 672 “horses” and 820 Nm.

To travel to the first 100 km / h, the car takes only 3.8 seconds. The high-speed ceiling was an indicator of 200 km / h, which was specially deformed for driving on public roads.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

A 97 kWh battery is also provided. The range of the model reaches 550 km without recharging. The curb weight is 2,539 kilograms.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

The list of HiPhi Z features includes an adjustable air suspension, an auto-parking option, a lane departure or lane warning function, vehicle fatigue monitoring, a 360-degree camera, anti-lock brakes, and intelligent cruise control.

Electric car HiPhi Z 2023.

In Russia, the HiPhi Z electric sedan with an autopilot worth 11.5 million rubles will go on sale.

Russian dealers are planning to supply a Chinese-made unmanned electric vehicle to the Russian car market. Its approximate cost is already known.

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