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Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

The Fisker Ocean Sport crossover turned out to be longer-range than the launch version of the Tesla Model Y.

Based on the results of the tests, it became known that the power reserve on one charge of the SUV in the initial version is greater than what was originally stated by the manufacturer.

Fisker is an American electric vehicle startup headquartered in California, founded in 2016.

It is led by Danish designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker.

The main markets for the brand are North America and Europe.

Production of the mid-size Ocean crossover started in November 2022; production of the completely “green” SUV was launched at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria.

The Fisker Ocean SUV is available in several versions, the starting one being Sport.

Initially, the company reported that the range on one charge for such an electric crossover would be 402 km.

However, a new series of tests was recently carried out: as it turned out, an SUV equipped with 20-inch wheels can travel 464 km without recharging (when calculated according to the WLTP cycle used in Europe).

Note that the range of the Fisker Ocean Sport exceeds that of the launch version of the Tesla Model Y: such a crossover of the American brand can travel 455 km without recharging (when calculated using the same cycle).

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

At the same time, a basic Fisker SUV, for example, on the British market can be purchased for £36,900, while purchasing the initial version of a Tesla crossover here will cost at least £44,990.

The difference is 8,090 pounds sterling (equivalent to approximately 895 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate).

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

The Fisker Ocean Sport is equipped with a single 279-horsepower electric motor located on the front axle.

The system also includes a traction battery with a capacity of 80 kWh.

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

When using a fast charger, the battery can be charged for a range of 302 km in half an hour.

The Fisker Ocean Sport takes 7.4 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph.

The model also has all-wheel drive versions – One, Extreme and Ultra. The output of their twin-engine power plant is 475 hp. (572 hp in boost mode).

The system also includes a traction battery with a capacity of 113 kWh, the maximum range without recharging for the first two listed versions is 708 km (when calculated using the WLTP cycle), the figure for the Ultra version will be known later.

Fisker Ocean Sport 2025.

To accelerate from zero to “hundreds” One and Extreme require 4.0 seconds, and the Ultra version takes 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed is the same for all versions, including Sport – it is 205 km/h.

It should be noted that last summer the company held the Fisker Product Vision Day event, during which several new products were presented.

The list included: the Fisker Ocean crossover with the Force E off-road package, the Ronin four-door sports convertible, the Pear city SUV and the Alaska pickup truck.

Production of the last three listed models is scheduled to begin in 2025.


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