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Avatr 12 2024.

Avatr 12 2024.

Avatr 12 2024.

The unusual Avatr 12 sedan debuted in Germany.

Avatr, created by Changan, Huawei and CATL, presented its second model.

Moreover, the debut did not take place in China, but at the Munich IAA exhibition, which is taking place these days.

Firstly, the European design studio of Avatr is located in Munich, and secondly, this is an unambiguous hint of export ambitions.

How is the young Chinese startup going to attract European buyers?

We are already familiar with the first-born called Avatr 11 — a crossover with a four-door fastback body.

The new Avatr 12 model is also designed with a non-standard approach.

The developers themselves call this format the term Gran Coupe (hello, BMW!), but in reality, what we have in front of us is… again a fastback (that is, a sedan with a sloping rear), but with a regular passenger posture and without a rear window.

A large lift-up lid leads into a separate trunk with a volume of 350 liters, and the backrest of the three-seat rear seat can be folded to transport long items.

Avatr 12 2024.

In terms of size, it is a classmate of the Panamera or the BMW eighth series Gran Coupe: length — 5020 mm, width — 1999 mm, height — 1450 mm. The wheelbase is 3020 mm, with a choice of wheels with a diameter of 20 or 21 inches.

Avatr 12 has frameless doors, a retractable spoiler is installed at the rear, and a display is embedded at the base of the windshield: it consists of 10,500 cells and allows you to program greetings, pictures and phrases.

There is an additional luggage compartment with a capacity of 46 liters in front.

The windshield extends all the way to the roof cross member, which connects the B-pillars.

Avatr 12 2024.

It was approximately the same with Citroen compact vans, but the Avatr 12 model does not have mechanical curtains, and the upper sections of the glass are darkened at the touch of a button.

There is a separate glass panel above the second row of seats. Instead of mirrors, cameras and displays are installed.

If Avatr 11 has a more or less traditional front panel architecture, albeit with a speaker “vase” in the center, then for the twelfth model a different solution was used.

The belt above the front panel is occupied by a long 4K screen of 35.4 inches, which displays the instrument cluster, navigation, and other auxiliary data. The central touchscreen is 15.6 inches diagonal.

Avatr 12 2024.

Nappa leather and wood veneer are used for finishing, and there are three design options to choose from (Luxury, Elite and Sports).

Developed contour lighting (64 colors), 27 audio system speakers and an air scent (for three different cartridges) are provided.

And the folding footrest is not only for the passenger seat, but also for the driver’s seat, because the Avatr 12 is equipped with an autopilot with lidars and a lot of sensors.

The platform of models 11 and 12 is unified, but while the crossover has a spring suspension, the chassis with air springs is already ready for the passenger model.

Avatr 12 2024.

The base Avatr 12 is rear-wheel drive with a single 313 hp electric motor. and 370 Nm.

The all-wheel drive modification weighing 2300 kg is additionally equipped with a front engine (265 hp, 280 Nm), so that the total output of the system reaches 578 hp. and 650 Nm.

Both versions have the same lithium-ion battery from CATL with a capacity of 94.5 kWh, the promised range reaches 650-700 km.

The maximum speed for both versions is 200 km/h, but there is no other data on the dynamics yet.

Avatr 12 will appear on the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of this year, and exports are scheduled to begin next year.


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