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JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

Chinese automaker JAC begins sales of one of its flagship models on its home market.

It is reported that dealer centers of the brand began accepting pre-orders for a large seven-seat crossover JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

According to the company’s representatives, the first models have already reached car dealerships on November 20 this year.

According to dealerships of the Chinese manufacturer, depending on the level of equipment Parkettes customers will pay for it the equivalent of 900 thousand to 1.2 million rubles.

Body dimensions of flagship JAC Sehol X8 Plus is 4825x1870x1758 mm, and its center distance reaches 2830 mm.

These dimensions allow the developer to produce this model in configurations of six or seven seats.

The developer does not assume any variability in the power characteristics of the parket.

Regardless of the configuration, Sehol X8 Plus will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, capable of 184 horsepower.

More accessible versions will be offered with a manual gearbox, but the most expensive modifications will have a «robot». All models are front-wheel drive.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

Visually the crossover looks very stylish and impressive. In front it has a huge grille, which forms a single unit together with the headlights.

The interior of the car is made of sufficiently expensive and high-quality materials, and its level of equipment involves a lot of modern services, which are designed to ensure the safety of passengers and help the driver in difficult situations on the road.

We remind you that the car is now available for booking. At this stage, its price ranges from 843 thousand rubles to 1.181 million rubles.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

Six- and seven-seat variations of the model are offered to choose from. The competitor of the car on the market is the Volkswagen Tiguan.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus exterior deserves special attention. The crossover looks sporty and somewhat brutal.

It is especially noticeable in the design of the front bumper, where there is a wide radiator grille with the original filling inside.

Headlights are integrated into the module, getting lost in the general background when turned off.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

The wheels received an interesting spoke pattern, and chrome rails are installed on the roof.

The rear bumper is also original in design, where the through-light on the sides diverges in different directions, capturing the side of the body.

The lower part of the module is occupied by a protective cover, in which the exhaust pipes are integrated.

The interior is stylishly modern. It is also worth noting that it is quite spacious.

This is facilitated by the appropriate dimensions. So, the wheelbase is 2 830 mm, and the length is 4 825 mm.

JAC Sehol X8 Plus 2023.

Width and height are 1,870 and 1,758 mm. Seats are located in the scheme 2 + 3 + 2 and 2 + 2 + 2.

In terms of equipment, a wide range of options is offered. Thus, for the crossover declared multifunction steering wheel, dashboard, infotainment system, intelligent control assist systems, airbags and more.

Under the hood is a turbocharged unit, the volume of which is equal to 1.5 liters.

At the maximum settings the engine produces up to 184 horsepower with traction equal to 300 N*m. It is combined with a seven-speed robotized transmission.

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