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Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

The Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024 is the latest petrol sports car from the British brand.

Jaguar is saying goodbye to the gasoline era in order to completely transform itself into an electric luxury brand by 2025: the farewell version of the ZP Edition of the F-Type sports car has been presented, it will be produced in an edition of 150 copies.

The Jaguar brand began saying goodbye to the F-Type model exactly a year ago, when it introduced the anniversary special version of the F-Type 75, dedicated to the first Jaguar sports model — the XK120.

Today it turned out that the special version of the F-Type 75 is not the last in the history of the model; production of the F-Type will continue in 2024.

But the ZP Edition presented today is truly the final version, it is addressed to collectors and will be released in coupe and roadster bodies with a total edition of 150 units.

The name ZP Edition refers to the E-Type Project ZP racing sports cars from the 60s of the last century, and the color scheme was chosen with an eye on them.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

The F-Type ZP Edition will be available in Oulton Blue Gloss with a red and black interior, or Crystal Gray Gloss with a black and blue interior.

The sides of the special edition cars are hand-applied with white circles for serial numbers, other features include a porcelain-white radiator grille surround, gloss black painted mirrors and brake calipers, ZP dies on the 20-inch forged wheels and on the front fenders.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

In addition to the unique color scheme, the interior features commemorative ZP Edition inscriptions on the sills and front panel, as well as a “One of 150” sign indicating a limited edition of the model.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition will be offered only with a top-end power unit — a 5.0-liter compressor V8 (575 hp, 700 Nm) paired with an 8-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission, all power is transmitted to the rear wheels, acceleration up to 100 km/h takes 3.7 seconds, top speed is 300 km/h.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

The price of the ZP Edition has not yet been announced, but it is clear that this version will be expensive in the range: taking into account the cost of previous special editions, the price is unlikely to fall below £150,000.

Meanwhile, Jaguar’s first electric luxury model, expected to premiere in 2024 and enter the market in 2025, will cost from £100,000.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition 2024.

The first model will be some kind of 4-door GT (probably something between a coupe and a crossover), followed by a reborn Jaguar will release a large luxury sedan and a large luxury crossover, the dates of their premieres are still unknown.

The currently produced electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace will retire by 2025 along with all existing “hydrocarbon” models, all of which will probably also have farewell versions.

You can learn more about the reasons and plan for Jaguar’s relaunch in our separate note.


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