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Kia Cadenza 2020

Kia Cadenza 2020

Kia Cadenza 2020

Kia Cadenza 2020 — a new business sedan with a large number of engines.
Few people know, but Optima is by no means the flagship business sedan Kia. This niche is occupied by the Cadenza model or, as it is called at home, the K7 Premier. Unfortunately, the car did not earn fame in any of the marketed markets and sales were more than deplorable (1,600 copies by the end of 2019 in the USA).

Nevertheless, the manufacturer does not give up attempts to bring Cadenza to the podium and the new version of the car will fall on 2020.


In terms of technical equipment in the new 2018-2019 Kia Cadenza, the Koreans did not come up with anything. Either they cut off the financing, or they are so confident in the previous proposal, it’s hard to say.

The manufacturer called the revision of the suspension settings the only refinement. Now it is softer, while also represented by the «classics» of two MacPhersons and double levers at the back.

The trolley itself is a Type-N proprietary development with front-wheel drive, disc brakes and an 8-band automatic.
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Kia Cadenza 2020

Also worth a closer look at the motor range. Although it is offered in the American market with a non-alternative V6 engine, the Korean peninsula offers a wider range for motorists on the Korean peninsula:

1. 3-liter gasoline aspirated at 266 hp.;

2. a diesel 2.2-liter turbocharged unit with a return of 202 hp;

3. gas version of 3 liters and 235 hp;

4. Hybrid installation with a 2.4-liter gasoline naturally aspirated engine and a small electric assistant. The total output of 211 hp

In 2020, another 2.5-liter aspirated will be additionally presented at home, although there are no details about it yet.

Kia Cadenza 2020

Naturally, the word “business sedan” cannot but mention on-board equipment:

3-inch touchscreen with support for mobile services,
2-zone climate, advanced cruise, 9 airbags,
blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection,
many passive security systems
separate rear multimedia screens (optional),
wide rear armrest with built-in mini fridge,
heating, ventilation, massage of all seats,
premium finishes, etc.


For the most part, the update affected the body. 2018-2019 Kia Cadenza flaunts a new design of the front end, stern, rims, a more dynamic body and new enamels.

In front, a new LED optics with a sharper shape, an updated radiator grill, stylized for the rest of the lineup, although distinguished by an abundance of chrome, was formed.

And, importantly, with a completely new body kit with the widest C-shaped diffusers, where foglights are hidden.

Kia Cadenza 2020

On the side you can see a painfully familiar silhouette, so reminiscent of Optima. Why copy your other model is not clear, because there are so many competitors from whom it was possible to borrow something more interesting.

From the «exclusive», on the side mirrors now there are repeating turn signals. Feed is also extremely successful. The lightweight design of the side lights combines the LED bridge.

Judging by the abundance of new products with a similar solution, we can say that this is already a peculiar trend of the 2020-2021 season. Also, a business sedan from Kia, which seems to be more like an elevator, will be pleased with a harmonious body kit with integrated exhaust tips in a chrome trim.

In terms of size, the Kia Cadenza has become slightly longer, with the wheelbase unchanged.


Inside, you should pay attention to the new driver-oriented torpedo architecture, a new stretched touchscreen, an updated central deflector unit, an on-board computer, cluttered in analog tidy, a strict multifunction steering wheel and premium leather trim with a massive wooden trim on the entire front panel.

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of another LCD screen at the bottom of the center console, in which the onboard functions management functionality is integrated.

Kia Cadenza 2020

The central tunnel is not particularly remarkable. In addition to the perfectly inscribed gearbox unit and wireless charging, nothing fit here because of the massive armrest, which was sprawled almost the entire length.

The main advantage of Kia Cadenza is of course the seats, which received a well-designed profile and premium Nappa leather trim.


Perhaps Kia’s mistake lies precisely in the fact that the echelon of competitors Kadenza is headed by Optima and even the same Springer.

Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-class, Volkswagen Passat CC and Toyota Camry are no less attractive for the same price.

Price and sales start date

In our market, Cadenza will be released in the fall of 2020, while the Americans will be able to feel the novelty this spring.
In Russia, the previous generation was estimated at 1.5 million for the base version, the top one — 2.1 million rubles.

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