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Genesis G80 2020.

Genesis G80 2020.

Genesis G80 2020.

Genesis G80 2020 — the new luxury sedan.
Genesis is a young but ambitious company. For 5 years of existence, the manufacturer was amazed at how thoroughly he approaches the creation of each model. But it is even more amazing how quickly the “daughter” Hyundai is able to make restyling.

Genesis G80 — a sedan that debuted in January 2016, in 2020 managed to update for the third time. That’s what he’s going to talk about today, because an elite brand is not one of those who exchange for little things.


The new business sedan was able to acquire global change. You can even talk about the change of generation, if you count on the interchangeability of the platform. Yes, with the same wheelbase as before, the Genesis G80 2020 model year moved to a new platform, which is now actively putting the entire model range of the brand.

The new proprietary platform can still be «felt» only on the updated crossover GV80, which is already sold in Russia.

Given this, it can be assumed that the sedan will receive a transverse engine arrangement, traction on the rear axle (all-wheel drive by connecting the clutch will be an option), MacPherson struts on the front axle, multi-link system at the rear (adaptive suspension is reported) and transmission in the form of no alternative 8-band automatic.

Genesis G80 2020.

Regarding the engine range, the Genesis G80 will be powered by three engine options:

1. The base 3-liter turbodiesel 6-cylinder with a return of 278 hp at 588 Hm;

2. A 2.5 liter petrol variant, also with turbocharger support. Kickback 304 HP at 422 Hm;

3. Top-end 3.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with 380 hp at 530 Hm.

The latter will receive four-wheel drive by default. Dynamics and fuel consumption are not reported. Last year’s sedan, equipped with a 2-liter engine for 197 hp accelerated to hundreds in 8.6 seconds.

Given the target audience of the car, it does not pay much attention to the expense. So with 13-15 liters per 100 km will have to come to terms.

For additional equipment, the list is more than impressive:

electric handbrake, 11 airbags, ABS, ESC, ESS,

rain and wheel pressure sensors, Smart Key system,

adaptive cruise with automatic lane change,

adaptive LED optics, parking sensors,

heating of all seats, steering wheel, windshield and side mirrors,

power driver’s seat with memory function,
virtual tidy and much more.

Genesis G80 2020.


In fact, stuffing a powerful engine under the hood without focusing on consumption is not the most difficult thing. But to bring the design so that it truly corresponds to the title of a business sedan, and even could leave behind its German competitors is not so simple. But Genesis does this over and over again.

It is also worth considering that the premium brand is a subsidiary of Hyundai, and those in recent years are increasingly turning into bold decisions, which can be seen in the new business sedan.

What does the branded radiator grill and optics solutions cost, with two LED lines that are most accurately repeated on duplicate turn signals on the side and aft.

It is also worth replacing the rather impressive wheelbase, 20-inch wheels, the roof smoothly falling to the stern and completely aligned side lines.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the materials of which the body is made. Here, in principle, the lion’s share of the price tag is formed from the materials used inside and out.
Turning to the body, 42% of the total area is represented by high-strength steel and 19% aluminum. Actually, that’s why the car weighs 2165 kg.

Genesis G80 2020.


The interior of the business sedan has much in common with the interior of the crossover. In the review, we already paid attention to well-hidden deflectors, which automatically adds a few points in favor of the general aesthetics.

Try to follow the trends of minimalism, the best ergonomics and premium finishing materials — it turns out the best interior that can be. And the G80 has it all.

Separately, it is worth noting security. In case of an accident, passengers will be as if in a capsule. There are 3 pillows in the dashboard, a pillow for each passenger in the back, another pillow for knees in the front row, a curtain on each door and on top of all this is a heavy-duty body.

Genesis G80 2020.


Given the price tag, there aren’t so many options in the midst of business sedans. You can cite as an example perhaps the most top-end configurations of the BMW 3-Series, Infiniti Q50, Jaguar XE, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4.

Price and sales start date

The price tag for the new generation of the G80 starts at 3.3 million rubles. The cost of rich trim levels has not yet been disclosed.

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