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Mazda 6 2024.

Mazda 6 2024.

Mazda 6 2024.

It’s official: Mazda 6 is leaving the home market.

The production of the “six” for Japan will be stopped in the spring. Apparently, the model will not have a direct heir – at least in her homeland.

Mazda has officially announced that in April of this year it will curtail production of the Mazda 6 sedan and station wagon at its Japanese plant.

The release talks about cars for the home market; whether they will continue to be made for other countries is not specified.

In Japan, the “six” will be dismissed for a banal reason – due to low demand.

Thus, over the more than 20-year history of the model, approximately 226,500 cars of three generations were sold in the Land of the Rising Sun.

There will be no direct successor at home; the company has assigned the role of conditional successors to the family to the four-door Mazda 3 and the CX series crossovers.

Let us remind you that the Mazda 6 debuted in 2002; it has been in the current generation since 2012.

Mazda 6 2024.

In the Japanese market, the model was initially sold under the name Atenza, but in 2019 the local version was also assigned the index 6.

By the way, back in 2021, the “six” was removed from the USA and Canada, and later it was also removed from sales in China and the UK.

So if the Mazda 6 remains in other countries for now, it may not be for long. Well, for Russia, before the well-known events began, the model was assembled in Vladivostok.

Mazda 6 2024.

Meanwhile, there were previously rumors that the Mazda 6 would still go into the next generation: as it was reported then, the new product was supposed to join the list of prestigious models of the brand, that is, move to a rear-wheel drive platform.

However, then it became known that the project was cancelled. But in China they believe that a successor to the Mazda 6 will appear, and this will supposedly be a joint development with Mazda’s long-time partner, the Changan company.

Mazda 6 2024.

However, there have been no official statements about such a model yet.

Mazda is saying goodbye to one of its legendary models: there will be no successor.

The legendary 2024 Mazda 6 is being discontinued. The Japanese company officially announced that the sedan and station wagon models for the domestic market will no longer be assembled in mid-April.

And sales of the car will end as soon as the last copy is sold.

Mazda 6 2024.

At the same time, production of the “six” at enterprises outside Japan will continue for now, but it is possible that it will not last long there either.

Apparently, the brand has decided to focus its efforts on the development of crossovers in the CX line.

The Mazda 6 itself has been in production for more than 20 years. In its homeland, this model is called Atenza. And here more than 226,000 copies of the car were sold.


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