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Mercedes E-Class 2020.

Мерседес Е-класса 2020

Mercedes E-Class 2020.

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the back of W213 — updated versions of the sedan, station wagon and SUV.
Over the past 15 years, watching the gradual transformation of the E-Class has been frankly boring. The molding was corrected, the headlights changed, the enamel was added. Gradually and systematically.

However, this is due to the high status of Mercedes. They expect nothing from him except comfort, practicality and presentability.

But in 2020, Mercedes-Benz made more bold changes. And, although we still have the same sedan in the W213 body (there will also be a station wagon and an off-road modification), inside the guys from Stuttgart worked wonderfully well.


It’s worth paying attention that generational changes and cardinal changes have not occurred. The new variation will please with an updated motor range, the introduction of additional electronic assistants and systems, an upgrade of existing ones, a new interior, amended decor and, of course, could not do without expanding the electric influence.

Given that the trolley in the new Mercedes E-Class has remained untouched, we will not talk about it today. Let’s go straight through the motor range. In 2020-2021, the E-Class will acquire two new engines — a 2-liter 272 hp. and 3-liter at 367 hp Both are gasoline powered.

The latter will only be paired with an electric supplement in the form of a starter-generator for 48 Volts and 20-forces. Otherwise, the motor range will still have more than 10 options that are equipped for different markets and, as before, the power range will be from 156 to 367 hp.

Also, do not forget that the previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has already received full hybrid configurations. This year there will be as many as seven, because Daimler also headed for the dark side of electrification.

Мерседес Е-класса 2020

All options will offer one 122 hp electric motor. What exactly ICE units will make him a pair is not yet clear.

It remains to mention that, as before will be presented front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, a 9-band automatic and a similar robot. By the way, the automatic transmission was said to be finalized, but how it is not clear.

Now for the new filling and assistants:

New anti-theft system technology announced. Why it is unique is also unclear, but the point is that a special sensor or camera will now monitor the movement of the car. The picture will shift a little and a signal will sound;

A new cruise, which in some places is almost autopilot. At least in the year 2005, he would have been called that. From the new — it monitors traffic jams via the Internet, starts off and stops, focusing on the one in front (in traffic, the function is available even after a minute’s stop);

We increased the angle of the lens of the cameras responsible for the all-round visibility;
Automatic parking has learned to carry out any kind of parking — in parallel, perpendicularly or in a vacant lot.
That’s all for now.

Мерседес Е-класса 2020

In the revised basic configuration, the Mercedes E-Class will delight:
automatic tinting of a windshield;
rear camera
multimedia with 6 speakers and a control washer;
2-zone climate;
driver fatigue analysis system;
parking sensors with radars;
standard cruise;
tire pressure sensor;
7 pillows.
Here you can also register as options:
air suspension;
cruise described above;
panoramic roof;
self-supporting tires;
circular monitoring;
start from the button;
heated rear row of seats;
adaptive head light;
lane retention and traffic sign recognition system.

For the most part, the changes are minor, but, as mentioned above — this is a Mercedes and this is normal.

Мерседес Е-класса 2020


According to updates, based on the same W213, Daimler will offer:
fully LED multibeam optics;
three design options for the grille and body kit (Avantgarde, Exclusive and AMG);
horizontal dimensions at the back, which from now on climbed onto the trunk lid;
new design of rims;
three new enamels.
Dimensions are not strangely the same.

Мерседес Е-класса 2020


So gradually and got to the most important thing — the cabin. Leather chairs, premium finish, maximum comfort and a sense of high cost. This is all of course good. But this is not the first one that catches your eye.

The gaze immediately stops at the front console, which, it seems, does not bring any new engineering and design innovations, but it turned out to be so attractive that the insignificant annual updates are simply leveled.

Yes, this is an almost complete copy of the interior of the AMG E53, but it doesn’t matter. The dual console of two 12-inch screens, round deflectors, a 5-spoke multifunction steering wheel and a very unusual central tunnel — this is the very thing that is why 2019 Mercedes-Benz needs to be handed over and a new one taken.

From the new, there is not only design. Special seats are installed, which in combination with the PowerNap system give even more comfort than before. If you wish, you can now fully sleep here.

I would also like to note a new navigation system with augmented reality system and an integrated voice assistant is already in the database.


Fans will say that Mercedes-Benz cannot have competitors, but someone needs to be put in.
Classmates always remain: Jaguar XFR, Lexus LS, Jaguar XF, Hyundai Genesis, Infiniti Q70 and where without the BMW 5 series.

Price and sales start date

The start of sales is expected in the summer. The first to test the novelty is the Chinese and Americans. The car will reach us by the end of autumn.
The price tag has not yet been announced. But a slight rise in price is expected. The predicted price is 3.3 million rubles.

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