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Audi S8 2020.

Audi S8 2020..

Audi S8 2020.

Audi S8 2020 for Russia: price and characteristics of a “charged” sedan.
The German car has long been a symbol of luxury. No nation produces such comfortable and technical advanced machines. In 2020, Audi S8 will be the pinnacle of engineering and design.

The new Audi is the direct heir to the usual G8, but differs in more impressive equipment, premium finishes, new decor and, most interestingly, two body styles.

Technical Overview

Traditionally, the review will begin with equipment and trolleys. The business sedan relies on the MLB platform — the development of VW, which, like the MQB, has a modular structure and the ability to easily «play» with the dimensions of the wheelbase.

The only difference is that this platform is designed for the longitudinal location of the motor, while on the MQB the power unit is installed transversely.

Regarding the «canopies», the MLB for the S8 is equipped with an air suspension of two MacPherson struts in front, multi-linkages made of a special aluminum alloy at the rear.

Also included is an electric power steering, carbon-ceramic brakes with ventilation on each wheel and all-wheel drive with an electronic differential (40 to 60). And all this is in the database!

By the way, about the complete sets. Audi S8 2020 will be (more precisely already available) in one configuration. So there is one non-alternative engine and one transmission option on board.

The first is represented by a V-shaped eight, and not diesel, like the rest of the manufacturer’s family, but gasoline.

Audi S8 2020..

According to the characteristics:
— 4 liters of volume, 571 hp power
— 800 Hm of torque
— two turbines and a system for shutting off «extra» cylinders, depending on pressing the accelerator pedal.
Acceleration to hundreds — 3.8 seconds.

The transmission is represented by an eight-mode automatic. It is also impossible not to say that a starter-generator for 48 V is installed on board, which can slightly compensate for the consumption of a voracious eight.

Speaking of consumption. In mixed mode, the Germans claim 11.3 liters, but given the price of a car, this is an unimportant factor for the owner.

Audi S8 2020..

What Audi looks like outside

When it comes to products of German concerns, it’s impossible to criticize the design. Everyone always has disadvantages, but for some reason I don’t want to pay attention to them. The same goes for S8. True, here you still need to find something to cling to.

In short — the car is perfect.
Bend your fingers:
aggressive design, matrix optics,
large chrome grille
21-inch wheels with a unique pattern,
Sport architecture body kit, dynamic silhouette,
stylish LED aft bridge and two twin tailpipes.

Also, do not forget to “salt” the excellent build quality and enamel.
The new Audi S8 for Russia, as well as for Europe, will be offered only a short version of the body, and the Americans will be able to get a long trolley.

Audi S8 2020..

Salon Overview

Recently, a hatchback from Ingolstadt was shown and there were a lot of questions to the cabin, in particular to the architecture of the driver’s console.
Simply put — she looked wretched. There is no need to worry about this. Not to say that the interior of the S8 is the best that we reviewed in 2020, but it will enter the TOP-10 for sure.

And so, what is there:
virtual dashboard under a neat visor,
4 deflectors neatly packed in one line
a large glass panel where a 10.25-inch multimedia touchscreen + navigation is neatly sewn
concise descent to the central tunnel, where one more screen, apparently intended for on-board functionality, settled down,
glossy central tunnel with an ergonomic machine handle and a niche covered with a curtain.

Separately, it is worth noting the multi-wheel, which echoes the corporate identity of Audi, where the honeycomb is now on a special account.
Finally, we still have a business class, so in addition to premium finishing materials, such as Alcatran, suede and carbon lining, there is a representative back row, where two seats are separated by a central tunnel with a functional panel.

Audi S8 2020..

How much will the new Audi cost

Sales of the Audi S8 have already begun. Fortunately, the party managed to call in before the pandemic.
As already mentioned, the business sedan is presented in one configuration, so the price tag does not float in names like Comfort, Style, Elite and others. There is only one “Base” and it costs 10,290,000 rubles.

Finally, it is worth noting that Audi dealers quickly respond to the national currency, so the price tag is not final due to the fragility of the ruble.

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