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Mercedes EQE 2022.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

Mercedes EQE 2022: E-Class electric sedan gets ready for debut.

Europe continues on its path toward full electrification of its car fleet, and with it all the leading automakers are expanding their electric car model lines.

Thus, the German company Mercedes plans to increase the number of its EQ series to eight models by the end of 2021, where there is already a sedan and a crossover.

The developer is planning to show five new cars in September at the IAA exhibition to be held in Munich.

One of these novelties will be a car of the popular E-class, which, according to the new «marking» of the manufacturer’s models, will be called Mercedes EQE 2022 model year.


The E-class or business class is the segment in which Mercedes is now ahead of its age-old rivals BMW and Audi by the number of cars sold in Europe.

In 2020 such cars with a three-beam star on a radiator grill were sold more than 70 thousand pieces against 59,8 thousand from the «white-blue propeller» and 55,7 thousand from the «four-rings» company.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

Probably, by 2030, when strict rules, obliging to release only electric cars, will come into force on the European continent, new electric E-cars from Mercedes will become market leaders again.

In the meantime, Daimler AG is only preparing for the premiere of its «green» business sedan and is gradually introducing the public to the debut of the 2022 Mercedes EQE with small promotional teasers.

Body design

Available images along with insider information make it clear that the 2022 model year Mercedes EQE will actually be a scaled-down copy of the EQS sedan, but with a shorter rear overhang.

Both cars will share the same platform, but external dimensions of the EQE body will be smaller than that of the current E-class.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

On the officially unveiled rendering we can see that similar graphics will be present on the rear lights, but the format of the car will be more like a liftback.


The fact that the Mercedes EQE and EQS will have the same interior is no longer questioned, as the published German photos show the entire front console electric E-boy.

Differences are only visible in the design of door cards and «contours» of the diode lighting, while almost the entire surface of the panel is covered by a monolithic structure MBUX Hyperscreen, which includes three screens.

Germans are definitely not going to develop a new multimedia system for the «junior» model, but to decorate it with its unique graphics — quite capable.

While in the promotional pictures it completely repeats what is used on the «big» sedan.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

Technical stuffing and power reserve

German company still does not tell about transmissions, engines or even their possible number in the EQE electric business sedan.

But local media managed to find out that one- and two-engine modifications are preparing, and in the first case the engine will be put only on the rear axle.

As for the traction battery, journalists are talking about a 90-kilowatt battery, which will be the base for this sedan.

Mercedes EQE 2022.

How much range this energy storage unit will provide is also not known yet, but for comparison, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which houses a 107.8 kWh battery, the maximum range without recharging reaches 770 kilometers.

Mercedes EQE: when will it be released in Russia?

Mercedes EQE 2022 is unlikely to appear in the catalogs of Mercedes dealers working in Russia, for well-known reasons: the lack of infrastructure and, as a consequence, the demand for such modern cars.

At the same time Germans are ready to sell classic E-cars in Russia, which probably will be upgraded in the coming years, as the German company does not refuse to serve markets where cars with internal combustion engines continue to be popular.

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