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Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Extreme Mercedes-AMG GT 73 spotted without camouflage near Nürburgring.

Spy photos of Mercedes-AMG GT 73 appeared on the network. An unmasked four-door was captured near the Nürburgring.

The upcoming novelty is a plug-in hybrid and, in terms of design, largely repeats the GT 63 variant, differing from it with a more aggressive front bumper.

The front fenders of the car also bear the «V8 Biturbo E-Performance» badge, while the rear has a port for charging the battery.

Note that the GT 73 has not yet been officially presented, but over the past month, a lot of interesting information has appeared on the network about the models of the E-Performance family.

So, the Germans reported that their high-performance hybrids will receive four- and eight-cylinder engines, four-wheel drive with an electric motor located in the back with a capacity of up to 204 hp. (320 Nm), as well as a 6.1 kWh battery.

It is expected that the power plant of the model will produce up to 816 forces and 1,000 Nm in total. This will allow some modifications (in particular the GT 73) to accelerate from zero to 100 in less than 3.0 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Another feature of the E-Performance hybrids will be the new Electric driving mode. It will be added to the already familiar Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Race and Individual presets.

This mode is intended exclusively for driving on electric traction, and when activated, the maximum vehicle speed will be limited to 130 km / h.

In this preset, traction will be transmitted to the rear axle, although if the rear wheels lose traction, the electric motor will also transmit power to the front wheels through the mechanical components of the AMG Performance 4MATIC + transmission.

Apparently, the debut of the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 is just around the corner, so there won’t be much more to come.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the 800-horsepower GT 73 super hybrid.

The GT 73 will be powered by a more powerful GT Black Series.
For the first time, Mercedes-Benz has released a photo of the GT 73 super hybrid, which will outperform the 730hp GT Black Series.

A snapshot of the prototype illustrated the message of increased cooperation between the Mercedes-AMG division and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Formula 1 team.

The hybrid Mercedes-AMG GT 73 will be the serial version of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Concept show car.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

And so far, only one thing says about its electrified filling — the new V8 Biturbo E Performance nameplates on the front fenders, while on the GT 63 the inscription V8 Biturbo 4Matic + flaunts in this place.

According to preliminary data, the output of the power plant of the super sedan will be more than 800 horsepower, it will accelerate to «hundreds» in less than three seconds and will be able to drive about 50 kilometers without starting the internal combustion engine.

Features of the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 revealed

In the meantime, the 730-horsepower GT Black Series coupe remains the most powerful serial Mercedes-AMG sports car, which set the Nurburgring record for production cars in November last year.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 2022.

Under the hood of the track two-door is a V8 4.0 biturbo engine, combined with a seven-speed «robot» AMG Speedshift DCT 7G with two clutches.

From zero to «hundred» GT Black Series accelerates in 3.2 seconds. The two-door exercise 0-200 takes nine seconds. The maximum speed is 325 kilometers per hour.

On fresh teasers of the Mercedes-AMG GT 73, which has already been captured by photo spies more than once, it is presented together with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team car and the prototype of the most powerful hypercar of the Stuttgart brand — One.

The latter will develop a capacity of at least 1200 horsepower, but will be released in a limited edition of 275 copies. They are all already sold out.

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