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Nissan Patrol 2021.

Nissan Patrol 2021.

Nissan Patrol 2021.

The premiere show of the new generation Nissan Patrol 2021 model year took place in Abu Dhabi.

In the local market, the Patrol is respected, and the developers want to see something similar in other markets, including the United States, China and Australia, where the SUV is supplied under the name Armada.

New model overview

Next year, the Nissan Patrol will celebrate its 70th anniversary and may surpass the 2 million mark ever sold.

But such an impressive result does not give this SUV widespread popularity, and the volatile demand forces the Japanese to pay attention to the most promising markets.

Nissan Patrol 2021.

This explains, among other things, why the Nissan Patrol 2021 is not officially sold in Russia, and why its latest update was addressed primarily to motorists in the Middle East.

They love the Nissan Patrol for the frame structure and the resulting excellent excellent qualities of the car, so the Japanese continue to follow the successful concept and keep the car’s classic design, updating only the exterior with the interior.


The current Y62 series has been in production for 10 years, so the Japanese SUV retains its monumental appearance.

The past update gave the 2021 Nissan Patrol a new front end and a significantly redesigned stern design, where the optics were changed, the bumper with a false diffuser was updated, and a chrome decorative strip with the model name appeared between the lamps.

Nissan Patrol 2021.

At the front, everything has also become new, including the grille, bumper and headlights, which have become C-shaped thanks to LED modules.

The same elements frame the foglights, and large air intakes gills have appeared on the sides of the front overhang.


On the front of the refreshed 2021 Nissan Patrol, a second touchscreen appears. He took over part of the functionality of the multimedia system, and all the buttons, which before his appearance were in the center of the dashboard, now frame the display itself.

The second touchscreen, which nestled between the vents of the ventilation system, remained in place and retained its size.

The interior of the crossover is further refreshed by new upholstery. It now boasts beautiful diamond stitching.

The color of the leather traditionally acts as a contrast for the black panel, where decor options are no longer limited to the use of «wood».

Nissan Patrol 2021.

Technical stuffing

The Japanese from Nissan settled on the external and internal transformations of their frame SUV, considering that the technical part does not require changes.

For this reason, under the hood of the new Nissan Patrol 2021 model year, there will be the same gasoline engines as before: either a V-shaped «six» with a volume of 4.0 and a capacity of 275 liters. from. (394 Nm), or an eight-cylinder 400-strong (560 Nm) unit with a volume of 5.6 liters.

Remain in place and the 7-speed automatic «box» and the All Mode 4 × 4 all-wheel drive system with «lowering». Also, for modifications with V8, an updated anti-roll system Hydraulic Body Motion Control is prepared.

In the equipment of Nissan Patrol, an autobraking system has been added, which is triggered when obstacles appear in front of the car (from now on it is also able to identify pedestrians).

In addition, a more efficient ventilation system is used in the cabin, which, apparently, was the result of the active use of these SUVs in hot eastern countries.

Nissan Patrol 2021.

When will it be released in Russia?

The model stopped being sold in Russia in 2017 due to low demand, and the likelihood of its return in the guise of a restyled version is close to zero. In 2016, the Japanese company managed to sell only 219 Nissan Patrol SUVs, while the same «related» Infiniti QX80 2021 found 695 buyers in the same period, and in 2019 — more than a thousand.


One of the reasons for the fall in demand for Nissan Patrol SUVs in Russia was the cost of the car.

In 2017, for a frame SUV in the basic configuration, you would have to pay 3.85 million rubles, and for a car at maximum speed — at least 4.2 million, and this is taking into account the then exchange rate.

The second reason was the gluttonous gasoline engines and the lack of diesel in the engine range.

The updated version of the 2021 Nissan Patrol has become even more expensive, moreover, it clearly added to the prestige of the trim and equipment, which was clearly addressed to wealthy buyers from the Middle East and North America.

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