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Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022. Porsche Classic has restored a rare 959 S for ex-F1 driver Nick Heidfeld.

Porsche has refurbished the 959 S for the former Formula 1 driver: less weight and a more powerful engine.

Between 1987 and 1988, Porsche produced only 292 examples of the 959, with 29 of those in the Sport version.

The latter is characterized by availability of turbocharged engine with an output of 508 hp (561 Nm).

According to the technical certificate, this version of the model is able to «shoot» from a place up to a hundred in 3.7 seconds. Top speed is claimed at 339 km/h.

A former Formula 1 driver who owns a 959 S turned to Porsche Classic to do a major upgrade on his car. The whole job took more than three years.

Already now the engineers have shown images of the updated car.

They changed the engine management system, but at first it didn’t work properly.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

This problem was solved by restoring the block to the initial specification.

Due to the fact that the 959 S has not been driven for a long time, it had some malfunctions, because sports models need constant operation.

If this happens, however, the transmission and chassis are completely replaced with new ones.

To avoid various breakdowns, it is recommended to drive at least 100 kilometers per month.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

The presented 959 has been deprived of electric window lifters, automatic air conditioner and central locking.

The rear seats and even the mirror on the passenger side were removed. The model also lost the self-levelling suspension from the original version.

The Sport version also has air conditioning, power windows and central locking.

But it doesn’t have rear seats and a side mirror from the passenger’s side. Due to this the truck weighs only 1 350 kg.

Note that one of the rare Porsche 959 S was in the possession of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Nick Heidfeld (Nick Heidfeld).

He bought the car with low mileage — only 4 183 km.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

Apparently, the sports car for many years stood motionless in the garage and needed a comprehensive restoration.

That’s why the former racer decided to turn to the professionals from the Porsche Classic division.

The staff of this workshop had been restoring the snow-white Porsche 959 S for almost four years, since the summer of 1917 till December of 1921.

In the process, the two-door was completely rebuilt engine and transmission.

Plus, the oil in the car was replaced. Now it is finally ready, and the other day it was returned to the owner.

Porsche Classic 959 S 2022.

In parallel, employees of Porsche Classic advised Heidfeld monthly pass on it at least 100 km. This is necessary so that the car does not stagnate in oil.

There are some changes in the mechanical part, too. The engineers of the German company installed new turbochargers, now they provide a larger boost.

Thus, the final engine power has increased to 508 horsepower and 561 N*m of torque.

Therefore, the car now accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and picks up a top speed of 339 km/h.

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