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Range Rover Evoque 2021.

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

Range Rover Evoque 2021: premium stylish SUV.
A new addition to the branded range Rover Evoque 2021 range, it positions itself as a compact, premium front- or four-wheel drive SUV that meets the needs of drivers of different age groups.

The new Range Rover of the Ewok series of the 2021 model has a more comfortable and safer cabin interior, advanced driving and performance characteristics of engine components, a combination of traditional corporate identity with exclusive technical and design solutions.


The model of the prestigious SUV, which underwent a thorough restyling, retained its external resemblance to its predecessor, nevertheless, in many respects it is one step higher.

The new generation Range Rover Evoque 2021 looks solid, stylish and elegant in the photo from various angles. In front view, the premium new model effectively demonstrates:

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

• dynamic tilt of the panoramic windscreen and longitudinal stepped profiles of the hood inclined towards the front;

• compact format and coarse-mesh grille;

• a complex configuration of multifunctional frontal optics units for the first perception.

The lower segment of the front end offers an overview of the «shark’s mouth» of the lower ventilation air intake, a massive protective panel for the front body kit, sports side diffusers with two transverse sipes and a set of fog lights.

In profile, the new Evoka body looks somewhat simpler. In the area of ​​attention: the flat roof slope, the black gloss of the three-piece glazing trim, modern mirrors and door handles completely recessed into the body.

The off-road status of the novelty is determined by the high body clearance, short overhangs and roomy wheel arches that can accept discs with a diameter of 17 to 21 inches.

The aft design incorporates recognizable crossover styling details. In the complete set:

• array of spoiler lip with small side struts;

• compact area of ​​steeply sloping rear glazing;

• Embossed branding and interior lamp segments complemented by a convex tailgate.

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

The design features of the lower segment of the stern — the configuration of the protective panel, decorated in the same style with the front end, a paired set of fog lights and square exhaust pipes decorated with chrome.


A characteristic feature of the interior is the minimum amount of decorative chrome and bright color accents. The five-seater leather interior of the SUV looks solid, stylish and presentable.

The design of the massive, easy-to-grip multifunction steering wheel opens up an excellent overview of a perfect digital imitation of the instrument panel with analog dial gauges and an informative monitor of the on-board computer complex.

• Most of the command functions are concentrated on the center console media touchscreen. Another compact monitor is responsible for the activation and quick setting of numerous functional and comfort-forming options.

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

The front segment of the tunnel tightly adjacent to the dashboard provides the most convenient access to mechanical buttons and switches, as well as to a technical platform with a joystick for switching parking and driving modes of an automated transmission, cup holders and a refrigerator compartment located under the armrest.

The interior layout offers the driver and four passengers a large amount of personal space. The service of seats equipped with full lateral support includes a memory of several fixed positions, ventilation and heating circuits. In the top version, a multi-mode vibration massage is promised.

The rear sofa seats for three seats are provided with a backrest tilt function and a folding armrest. Due to the simple transformation of the sofa, the standard volume of the luggage compartment increases from 591 to 1383 liters. A compact «dock» and on-board instrumentation are placed in the floor niche.


The belonging of the new version of the Range Rover Ewok 2021 to the category of compact cars in the body of an SUV is confirmed by the external dimensions realized in proportional ratios: 4371 x 1904 and 1649 mm.

The stability of the Evoka in different driving modes is provided by the length of the center base of 2681 mm, built-in stabilizers and a ground clearance of 212 mm. In the structural and layout features of the chassis:

• modular front or all-wheel drive PTA bogie with transverse arrangement of the power unit;

• effective combination of MacPherson and multi-link suspension;

• increased diameter disc brakes and extended functionality of safety system components.

The advantages of the steering circuit include an active amplifier, supplemented by an accelerometer. Due to individual accelerometers, the efficiency of electronically controlled shock absorbers has been increased.

Range Rover Evoque 2021.

The manufacturer completes its products with various options for gasoline and diesel power units of the Ingenium brand.

The diesel list is presented by a turbocharged internal combustion engine with a volume of 2 liters, with an output of 150 hp / 380 Nm or 180 hp / 430 Nm.

The output of the gasoline analogue is respectively 200 hp / 340 Nm or 249 hp 365 Nm. In the top-end modification, a forced engine of 300 hp / 400 Nm of peak thrust is promised. All engines are equipped with a 9-band hydromechanical transmission.

A test drive of the motor series did not reveal significant discrepancies with the factory data.

Options and prices

The new Range Rover Ewok of the 2021 model year is promised to domestic car amateurs in eight modifications, the initial price of the base model will be formed at about three million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The estimated release date in Russia coincides with the middle of the future winter season, 2021.


In the price range from 3 to 5 million rubles, the rivals are models of the class Volvo XC90, Infiniti QX56, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes-Benz GLE or Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

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