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Seat Leon 2022.

Seat Leon 2022.

Seat Leon 2022.

Seat Leon 2022 will get an advanced autonomous driving technology: the car will be able to brake and park by itself.

The Spanish company Seat is using the most advanced autonomous driving technology.

The new Leon serves as a technical platform for the advanced Diana project, which is already in the testing phase with a third level of autonomy.

Seat is another brand that has fully immersed itself in autonomous driving technology.

This equipment will be present in a new generation of third-level models, in which driver supervision will still be mandatory.

The Spanish company is already working on prototypes with loaded devices. The manufacturer is testing its own circuits together with Project Diana.

This is the name of the first of the prototypes based on the new Seat Leon. The work carried out by the brand could have gone unnoticed if it were not for the huge device mounted on the roof of the car.

This device is a powerful network formed by various driving assistants.

Seat Leon 2022.

There are five LiDAR sensors, as many radars, six cameras, a dozen ultrasonic sensors and eight control units that guarantee a 360-degree view on board the car.

Despite the fact that the car still needs supervision from the driver, it can function independently.

Seat Leon 2022.

True, only in conditions of low-speed traffic or when maneuvering. In addition, the car takes control of the autonomous parking function.

Seat Leon 2022.

Thanks to a high-definition map location system with centimeter-accuracy, the car always knows it is in the right lane.

When driving in autonomous mode, the car opens the doors on its own when it stops to pick up the driver.

After he gets in and locks the lock, the car begins its movement.

If an obstacle is detected on the road, such as a pedestrian, the car can detect it and brake on its own.

Seat Leon 2022.

After the driver gets out, the Seat Leon looks for an empty space and automatically parks. This technology is a big step forward for the Spanish brand.

It is now working to make the system 100% safe. After that, development of Level 4 autonomy will begin.

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