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Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

The Volkswagen Polo Sedan has been assembled and sold in Russia for 10 years, and a large army of fans of the budget German sedan is waiting with interest for the 2021 version, which should be seriously transformed in appearance.

And the very first news about the release of the new model Volkswagen Polo 2021 in the Russian version presented a surprise: it turns out that the new Polo will be produced in the back of a liftback!

This is evidenced by the images of the restyled version of the popular sedan that have appeared on the network, which will receive a trunk lid with a «step» and, in general, will look more solid and noble due to a serious facelift.

The page contains all the details about the new body of the Volkswagen Polo 2021 model year, the start of sales in Russia, possible configurations and prices, photos, specifications, modifications and options in Russia and a video test drive.

New body overview

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Over the past year, experts predicted that VW will take a different path and make the Russian Polo an analogue of the Latin American Volkswagen Virtus 2020 sedan, assembled in Brazil and based on the MQB A0 trolley.

In reality, the manufacturer decided to leave the PQ25 platform for the model and modernize it using the developments from the latest version of the Skoda Rapid 2020.

Note that the 2021 Volkswagen Polo of the year will be considered a redesigned Rapid, but outwardly it will look little like a Czech liftback.

Judging by the available renderings, the car will receive an original exterior design, referring to the «older» VW models. At the same time, the new Polo will be able to boast of increased dimensions and, as a result, a more spacious cabin, where an increase in space should come in place for the rear passengers:

• length — 4483 mm. (+ 93 mm. In comparison with the previous generation Polo);

• width — 1706 mm. (+ 7 mm.);

• wheelbase — 2602 mm. (+ 49 mm.)

There is information on the volume of the luggage compartment: on the liftback it will be 550 liters versus 460 on the sedan.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.


The new German five-door Volkswagen Polo 2021 looks monumental thanks to the presence of clear straight lines. At the front, they form a wide radiator grille, which, thanks to the successful shape, forms a single whole with the headlights.

Three chrome louvres find a «continuation» in the LED headlight strips, and on the bottom of the bumper there is a large three-piece air intake with the same mesh filling as the grille.

Already in the initial version, the Volkswagen Polo 2021 will be equipped with LED light modules. In the cheap versions of the liftback, they will be of the reflex type, in the more expensive ones — the searchlight.

At the stern, the lighting equipment also attracts its attention with new forms of lanterns, but the license plate that has moved to the bumper and chic chrome pipes on the «plump» bumper make the rear of the car more massive.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.


The interior of the new 2021 Volkswagen Polo model will look more like a Rapid interior, although design drawings hint at the use of a different front panel and different forms of air vents. The central display of the multimedia system will appear already in the initial configuration and it will be a 6.5-inch screen.

The equipment with an 8.25-inch touchscreen and a virtual dashboard will cost more. The rest of the interior elements are still depicted “hypothetically”, so their design cannot be considered approved.

Technical stuffing

In Russia, the Volkswagen Polo 2021 will continue to be produced with the same engines that are also used on the Czech Rapid:

• gasoline naturally aspirated 1.6 MPI engine in 90 or 110 hp versions. from. plus a manual «box» 5-speed manual or 6-automatic transmission Aisin;

• petrol turbo engine 1.4 TSI with a capacity of 125 liters. from. plus uncontested seven-speed DSG preselection.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Modifications and options

It has already been announced that the 2021 Volkswagen Polo will be sold in four equipment versions:

• Origin,
• Respect,
• Status,
• Exclusive.

The filling of these packages is still being formed, but it is known that in the list of options, in addition to the enlarged screen of the media system and the virtual «tidy», there will be heating of all passenger seats and the steering wheel, push-button engine start and keyless access to the salon.

When does the Volkswagen Polo start selling in Russia?

The manufacturer promises to show the final version of the serial liftback VW Polo 2021 model year already during February. Sales will begin later, in the first half of this year, and new cars will be assembled in the same place as Rapid — at the Volkswagen Group Rus plant in Kaluga.

Options and prices

Prices for liftbacks have not yet been announced, but the following figures can serve as a guideline: the new Skoda Rapid 2020 is today estimated at 829 thousand rubles, and the current versions of the Polo with a 90-horsepower engine and on «mechanics» — at 700 thousand, and the modification with a 1.4 TSI engine — 976 900 rubles.

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