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Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021: the popular SUV in the second generation.
Most recently, Volkswagen has completed a large-scale restyling of a new version of the popular Tiguan SUV. In the second generation, the practical and functional Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021 demonstrates increased dimensions, corporate body design, and a number of original technical and layout solutions.

In particular, due to the new platform, the driving and off-road characteristics have been improved, the salon interior has received a more comfortable status, and the working functionality of security systems has been expanded.

The new model for the Russian market will be adapted to the characteristics of the difficult climate and off-road conditions.

In all projections, the new model line looks dynamic, expressive and a little aggressive. In the photo in the front view, attention is drawn to:

• inclined hood with longitudinal stepped profiles;

• a massive chrome-plated perimeter of a lamellar radiator grille decorated in one block and headlights supplemented with LED illumination;

• angular configuration of side diffusers and horizontal fog lamps.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

The layout of the lower segment of the front includes a plastic body kit with a protective panel and a compact format of the lower air intake decorated with mesh.

The new off-road crossover body in the side projection is stylishly, at the same time practical. In sight: massive silver roof rails inclined to the rear pillars of the dome roof, a harmonious contrast of bright silver frame and glossy black binding of high window glazing, modern mirrors and slightly ribbed body relief.

The fact that the Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021 crossover belongs to the category of off-road vehicles confirms the high ground clearance, shortened overhangs, solid 19- or 20-inch wheels, as well as the presence of a protective «skirt» on the lower edge of the body made of unpainted plastic.

In the structural and design features of the stern:

• rounded edge of the massive spoiler lip;

• typical for crossovers combination of sloped rear glazing and vertical tailgate;

• Exclusive branded graphics and complex configuration of lights.

The construction of the stern is completed with a massive metal-plastic body kit. Part of the decorative functions combines the chrome plating of the brand symbols and the overlay of the lower body perimeter.

In general, the new Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021 looks monolithic, at the same time sporty and dynamic.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.


The hospitable interior trimmed with high-quality fabrics, kozhimite or genuine leather guarantees the driver and passengers the parameters of travel comfort corresponding to the status.

In terms of the number and functional diversity of on-board electronics, the Tiguan model of 2021 surpasses the same type of higher class models.

• The upper sector of the multifunction steering wheel equipped with touch-sensitive command elements offers a convenient overview of the combined instrument panel with analog versions of the speedometer and tachometer, as well as an informative computer monitor.

• In the configuration of the center console slightly turned to the driver’s seat, a pair of ventilation ducts, a medium format media command display and a touch panel for adjusting the interior microclimate.

Located at the front of the tunnel, the technical sector is responsible for switching transmission modes, setting up the multimedia system and activating the parking brake.

There are also cup holders, an extended list of organizers and a soft armrest that combines the functions of a mini-refrigerator cover.

The excellent ergonomics of the profiled maximum comfortable front seats are complemented by lateral support elements and several adjustment ranges.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

The increase in body dimensions and the center-to-center base of the SUV had a positive effect on the amount of personal space and road comfort for the second-row seats.

The design of the rear three-seater sofa provides for the possibility of converting the middle seat into a comfortable table with built-in cup holders, as well as partial transformation to increase the boot volume of the trunk from the standard 615 to 1665 liters.


The upgrade of the crossover indicated itself with an increase in external dimensions to 4486 x 1839 and 1670 mm, an extension of the center base to 2681 mm. The advantages of the novelty:

• modular architecture of the MQB platform, with independent MacPhersonian and four-link axle suspension;

• a set of effective brakes with ventilated discs, anti-roll bars and modern road safety technologies.

In the top-end versions, the DCC series adaptive chassis with electronically controlled damping mechanisms will be available.
The second-generation SUV has five powertrain options.

The engine range includes gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines with working volumes of 1.4-2 liters, with a power output from 125 to 220 hp.

Small cubic engines come with a 6-speed manual gearbox or front-wheel drive robotic transmission.

Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021.

More powerful models are equipped with a 7-band all-wheel drive DSG power transmission with an automatic drive axle clutch.

The test drive showed that the results obtained basically correspond to the power and consumption parameters declared by the manufacturer.

Options and prices

Domestic motorists will be able to appreciate the real advantages and disadvantages of four modifications of the new crossover.

Depending on the number and possibilities of special options, the price is stated in the range from 1.4 to 2.3 million units of the ruble currency.

Competing models

The new Volkswagen Tiguan X 2021 model year is published at the peak of the crossover boom, so in the rating of real rivals there are more than four dozen models of the same type in purpose and cost.

The latest versions of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, Toyota RAV4, Lexus RX and Ford Kuga have leading indicators.

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