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Acura MDX 2022.

Acura MDX 2022.

Acura MDX 2022.

Acura MDX 2022: Will the new model return to Russia?

The Japanese premium crossover Acura MDX 2022 model year was unveiled late last year and immediately confirmed rumors of a major update outside and inside.

A small surprise was the absence of a hybrid version, which could be the successor of the previous Sport Hybrid modification, but the Japanese decided to replace it with the Type S version with a «pure» 355 hp engine.

This has not diminished interest to the novelty, because it has become larger, more technologically advanced and more beautiful in its own way.


Acura MDX — this car, «created» for the American market, and its assembly is carried out only in the state of Alabama.

The midsize crossover is nestled in its niche and shows stable sales in North America, and with the fourth generation version it is preparing to offer fans of the Japanese brand a new level of comfort and style.

First of all, these are the increased dimensions: the move to a new platform led to an increase in the wheelbase by 72 mm.

(2891 mm), the length of the body by 56 mm. (5039 mm) and width by 25 mm. (1999 mm.)

Acura MDX 2022.

At the same time the distance «prestige» between the front struts and the front wheel axle was increased at once by 152 mm, and in general, enlargement of the body required the installation of new wheels: 19-inch wheels instead of 18″ disks.


Japanese have acquainted the public with the appearance of the new version of their crossover two months before the premiere, showing the Prototype.

They specified at once that the serial machine will repeat design of the concept by 99 % and it appeared to be true.

Almost all body parts were adjusted, but the overall style only evolved, retaining many brand features.

Acura MDX 2022.

Much more important achievement of Japanese considered an increase in body rigidity, although looking at the new crossover Acura MDX 2022, there is no doubt: the design was paid no less attention, because the appearance of the car became more noble, if not status, which is extremely important for premium brand.


Acura MDX got a digital dashboard (for the first time for Acura models), immediately receiving a 12.3-inch display with several options for «graphics».

Another screen of the same diameter is located in the center of the front console, but multimedia control is available from the touchpad below.

Cabin itself crossover remained three-row, and on the second row Japanese have applied really simple and ingenious solution: a three-seater sofa is easily converted into two captain’s chairs due to the dismountable central part.

Acura MDX 2022.

Thus, it can be folded, forming a convenient table between seats.

Specifications and stuffing

As the starting engine in a Japanese SUV is still working atmospheric «six» working volume of 3.5 liters (294 hp, 362 Nm).

The changes are only in the transmission: 9-speed automatic transmission has given way to the «automatic» 10-speed, which, moreover, is controlled with the help of buttons and paddle paddles.

The cheapest modification Acura MDX comes with front-wheel drive, more expensive — are equipped with a system SH-AWD, which includes two clutches — each on a separate rear wheel.

MDX Type S

Instead of the former hybrid MDX with «sporty» features, the Japanese offer the Type S version, which received a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6.

Acura MDX 2022.

Its power at its peak reaches 360 hp (264 kW) and torque — 480 Nm.

Also on the «charged» version appears calibrated gearbox, Brembo brake calipers are installed on the front wheel axle, and the interior reveals front seats with massage and a 1000-watt audio system with 25 speakers.

Japanese premium-brand return is not planned yet, therefore it is left only in the USA: from $46,9 thousand for base modification up to $60,6 thousand for «top» one.

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