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Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

Russian simplicity and British quality. In Togliatti began tests of the Lada Vesta 2022 with suspension from MINI.

Model Lada Vesta 2022 is the flagship of the domestic brand.

At the beginning of this year the car was updated and even a limited number of restyled cars managed to come off the assembly line, which are now offered at «crazy» prices in dealerships.

However, no one knows when the car will be back on the assembly line. Nevertheless, Togliatti independent company Avtoprodukt is already preparing an upgrade for the car.

It is reported that this manufacturer is now developing an upgraded suspension for the Vesta.

In this case, modified running gear will be suitable for both older versions of the flagship, and for a fully updated version.

The model will be equipped with a three-lever suspension with classic mounts. A new beam and levers will be set exactly to the back.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

This improvement will have a positive impact on the drivability of the car, and at the same time will not affect the comfort.

In the future, also the front suspension of the car will receive some modifications.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

In any case, specialists from the Russian company Autoproduct are now testing their tuned version of the Avtovaz flagship and will receive the appropriate license very soon.

It is reported that the upgraded parts themselves will be sold for 60 thousand rubles, but their installation will also have to be paid for separately.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

Prices for the work have not been disclosed yet, but it is likely that the replacement of the running gear will be expensive.

However, the upgraded suspension works on the same system as the MINI cars, which means you should expect a high level of drivability.

Lada Vesta 2022 with MINI suspension.

There is one problem — the improvement can be integrated into the car only after the relevant state approval, which will also have to be paid for.

Meanwhile, it has recently become known that AvtoVAZ will soon regain its leading position in the market.

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