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Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Skoda has officially unveiled the new concept Vision 7S: revolutionary design, technological interior and comfort.

Yesterday Skoda officially unveiled the all-new Vision 7S concept.

Previously the car was shown on several teasers that were quite informative.

Now it is possible to see the crossover in more real photos, which show a truly innovative design.

The car looks very interesting. Skoda Vision 7S 2022 is built on a MEB platform, where there is seven seats.

It became known that this concept symbolizes the transition to a new style, which was announced under the name «Modern Solid».

It is reported that the production version of the concept will go on sale in 2026.

So, Skoda Vision 7S is officially presented. As it was said above, the concept received a truly new design, which in the future, most likely, will be applied to other models.

Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Structurally the car attracts attention with massive outlines with the presence of pronounced brutal notes.

In front the view attracts a massive bumper, where are located LED headlights in the form of the letter «T» and the radiator grille, which received a completely different style of performance.

Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Handles on the doors are of concealed type. The model is available with 22-inch light-alloy wheels.

The dimensions are 5016x1940x1888 mm, and the wheelbase is equal to 3 075 m.

The interior of the crossover also has several unique solutions.

The first thing worth noting here is the non-standard arrangement of seats.

Despite the fact that it is declared seven-seat seating, full seats are offered six, as the seventh is a child’s seat, which is located between the front sofas.

The interior is done in the same avant-garde style as the exterior.

A new dashboard, a 14.6-inch multimedia complex, an original shape multifunction steering wheel and a non-standard performance transmission tunnel are available for the car.

Skoda Vision 7S 2022.

Specifications of the Skoda Vision 7S are revealed only partially.

It is reported that the cross is available in two modes — «Movement» and «Relaxation».

The first one is activated directly for driving, while the second one is used to recharge the battery.

The latter has a capacity of 89 kWh, providing autonomy of 600 kilometers.


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