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Audi Q7 2022.

Audi Q7 2022.

Audi Q7 2022.

Audi Q7 2022: a new variant of an elite all-terrain vehicle.

In the new interpretation, the full-size German luxury crossover Audi Q7 2022 demonstrates elegant and presentable appearance, elite interior of five- or seven-seat saloon, high road safety and nominal for its status off-road potential.

The new model is finalized taking into account responses and wishes of the financially well-off driving community, which uses personal transport for comfortable trips within city limits and different variants of active rest, connected with trips to the nature.


The body design of the «Seven» of the sample year 2022 harmoniously combines diluted with notes of aggressiveness sports aerodynamics and features of the brand style.

Traditionally, the most expressive, striking and presentable accents of body décor are laid in the design of the front end. In sight:

longitudinal reliefs down the front perimeter of the hood;
exclusive design of the multifunctional units of the base LED or top matrix optics equipped with running lights;
black grille decorated with a chrome frame and the corporate logo.

Audi Q7 2022.

The racing-sports style dominates the design of the lower tier of the massive front end.

It is equipped with an impressive format of side ventilation diffusers and relief texture of the metal panel of the plastic trim.

The front side of the body is complemented by a set of ribbed aerodynamic reliefs.

The new body in the side view attracts attention with an aerodynamic balanced contour with an elongated hood, a gentle slope of the roof and a characteristic for the crossover layout vertical trim of the stern. In the spotlight:

The chrome trim and black uprights of the three-element side windows;
the massive holders of the elegant side mirrors;
stepped profiles of longitudinal reliefs and slightly protruding beyond the body dimensions semi-perimeters of wheel arches.

Audi Q7 2022.

Positive perception of the sides of the modernized «seven» is formed by decorative pads of sills and classic multi-spoke pattern of silver 17-inch disks.

The luxurious status of the crossover is clearly seen in the design of the rear side of the body. On the promotional photos the positive visual perception is created:

The compact format of the window complemented by a stylish spoiler;
the chrome-plated logo and the transversal reliefs of the wide tailgate
exclusive graphics of the side lights connected by a chrome bridge.

The bumper is equipped with fog lamps and a metal and plastic bodykit with integrated exhaust tips.

Judging by the positive tone of the reviews and comments, the next restyling may mark itself with more expressive decorative accents with the main focus on improving the performance characteristics.


The new version of the Audi Q7 2022 luxury crossover still offers premium quality and impeccable installation of interior materials, careful profiling and ergonomic seating.

Audi Q7 2022.

The activation and customization of comfort-enhancing onboard options is entrusted to the touch-screen touchpads of the three LCD displays.

This is a 12-inch virtual dashboard, 10-inch tablet of the central console responsible for the supply of media and entertainment information, as well as located on the lower tier of the torpedo 9-inch touchpad control of comfort-creating systems and units.

The design of the wide, squat tunnel includes a compact transmission control lever, a wide range of organizers and an armrest with a built-in volume of a mini-cooler.

In the basic version, the crossover interior is five-seat. Two additional third-row seats are on the list of paid options.

The pilot seat service offers an expanded list of premium operating adjustments, heated and ventilated circuits, and three vibromassage options.

The rear sofa compensates for the three companions’ lack of comfort with a reclining armrest, individual climate settings and plenty of personal space.

Audi Q7 2022.

Additional seats of the third row with moderate comfort can take two passengers of average build.

The already impressive volume of 865-liter trunk with a simple transformation of the backrest of the second row can be increased to 2050 liters.


Modernized in many ways luxury crossover Audi Q7 2022 has kept external dimensions of its predecessor in L-S-H ratio of 5,063 x 1,970 and 1,741 mm.

A new model has a modular «bogie» of MLB series with spring lever suspension, interaxle base with the length of 2994 mm and off-road clearance of 235 mm.

The chassis is equipped with anti-roll bars, ventilated disc brakes and passive-active safety systems.

— The version of the crossover for the Russian market is claimed with a non-alternative power unit, which includes a three-liter diesel 249 hp / 600 Nm of peak thrust and an 8-speed automatic transmission series Tiptronic.

— Test drive confirmed the announced by specialists of the company-manufacturer tractive and speed characteristics of the diesel drive.

Time of acceleration to the second hundred on the level of 6,9 seconds, maximum speed 225 km/h limited by electronic interlocking, consumption of diesel fuel not more than 6,9 liters per one hundredth run in a variable mode.

Prices and equipment

In EU countries the new Audi Q7 2022 model year will be available in four modifications. Model range price in the ruble range is indicated by the sum from 5.5 to 6.2 million.

Start of sales in Russia

The exact release date in Russia will be published at the start or in the middle of the first half of 2022.


On the domestic market of prestigious SUVs worthy competitors in the luxury crossover are few.

These are compatriots Mercedes-Benz GLE and BMW X7, as well as classmates Porsche Cayenne Coupe and Volvo XC90.

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