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Mazda CX-8 2022.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

Mazda CX-8 2022: the flagship crossover for the market of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Japanese company Mazda is famous for its ability to produce large family cars.

Not so long ago the automobile public was shown the Mazda CX-8 2022, claiming to be the flagship among crossovers of the brand.

After restyling, the novelty has received a bright signature design, comfortable interior and slightly redesigned under-hood characteristics.

Despite the fact that there are not many differences compared to its predecessor, the car will become more comfortable for both driver and passengers thanks to modern engineering «plushkas».


Even by photos of new items you can determine that the appearance is its strong side.

The new model perfectly combines the best achievements of design thought, including brighter relief, an abundance of chrome, large air intake systems, as well as slightly redesigned lighting equipment.

The most interesting look is the front end of the Mazda СХ-8 2022.

Although the muzzle has impressive dimensions, but has a solid rounding to the side of the road, which provides excellent visibility in front of the car.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

Before a large, sloping windshield a hood cover, having a solid rise in the center and slightly recessed sides is beautiful.

A little bit lower the polygon of a radiator grill, slightly going in depth of the body.

Its framing is made in chrome, and inside there are horizontal slats and a large chrome brand symbol.

To the right and left of it is the headlamp, long but thin. Depending on a complete set it will receive xenon or LED filling.

Novelty’s dodger looks quite unusual, as its main part is deepened into the body and slightly inclined.

In the relief transitions of this element, you can find additional air intake system, stylish fog lights, acting as additional equipment, stippling for the license plate, and a black protective plate of metal.

Profile projection of the new body looks stylish and solid. The streamlined roof is complemented by austere, not very large windows, separated by black-glossy pillars.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

All this construction is framed by an elegant chrome band.

Additional elements here are the large rounded mirrors containing the turn indicators, the predominantly wavy relief and the black steel protective layer at the very bottom, which runs through the muscular sills and wheel arches with large, beautiful rims inside.

The Mazda’s rear end looks rather aggressive-sporty. The upper part of it contains a slightly upraised semicircular visor with stop lights on the edge.

It covers a large, slightly rounded window with a slight slope.

The main part of the fifth door contains large clearance lights of interesting shape, visually connected in a single whole by a chrome strip, a large number of nameplates with information about the model, as well as smooth relief transitions.

The bumper, despite not the largest dimensions, boasts parking sensors, fog lights, two round slots for exhaust pipes and the same protective layer.


The interior of the new Mazda MX-8 2022 model year is made in the corporate style, but with improved trim materials.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

So, here will be used quality genuine leather, inserts of aluminum, plastic and even wood, but — in top versions.

Quite at the level will be the multimedia equipment inside, and the driver will be available a large number of auxiliary functions. Thanks to all this, any ride in the car will be pleasant and comfortable.

Design of the front end

The central console can not be called large. In the center, in its upper part, paints a fairly large screen, operated with the help of taps.

The vast majority of options are activated from here. A little lower is the strip of ventilation deflectors in chrome framing.

Between them there is a button for activation of «emergency stop». The next floor of the torpedo is represented by the climate control unit.

Functional of the tunnel slightly elevated above the front seats is quite extensive.

It begins with bright technical panel with transmission selector, then there are two big cup holders with cooling function and large armrest, which contents can also be cooled.

Seating and luggage compartment

The crossover contains seven full seats, trimmed with hard-wearing leather, containing a very soft filling and having an excellent lumbar-side support.

The front row can also boast adjustable headrests, electric fine-tuning of seats and backs, heating and ventilation.

Mazda CX-8 2022.

Functionality of the second row is simpler, but there are many interesting little «plushies» in the form of armrests, tables and organizers.

The last two seats have even less comfort options, and only two short adults or children can be seated here.

With all the unfolded seats the volume of the trunk is very small: no more than 240 liters. But if you remove the third row, this figure increases to a total of 637 liters.

Technical specifications

For the Mazda CX-8 2022 there is a 2.2-liter diesel engine without any alternatives. Its output reaches 190 «horses».

It will be completed with a full-fledged six-speed «automatic machine», thus a drive can be chosen by a buyer: either on all wheels, or only on front ones.

At the test drive it is established that the car is quite economical and is able to cope with the majority of road situations.

Options and prices

The starting price of the novelty is set at $37700. For all the additional options you need to pay more about 2500 more units of American currency.

Start of sales in Russia

Since the car was created exclusively for the Japanese market, you can not even dream about the release date in Russia. In Japan the car will appear during 2022.

Competing models

In the rival Japanese will get Hyundai Grand Santa Fe, Kia Sorento Prime and even Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

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