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Best new cars: Aston Martin DB11 2018.

Aston Martin DB11 2018: updated premium sports car.

Best new cars.

Best new cars. Model DB11 from the British automotive company Aston Martin in 2016 replaced the famous series DB9 class Gran Turismo. Created on a modern platform, the car proved that the previous VH base is already obsolete.

Best new cars.


In the new model season, the second generation Aston Martin DB11 of the year 2018 is being prepared. Judging by several reports of the manufacturer and noticed test races, the novelty will also receive a prefix «S» to its name. This may indicate a more powerful and sportier version of the current and future generation of DB11.

The official premiere of the sports model will be tentatively held early next year at one of the international auto shows. The start of retail sales should be expected in the second half of 2018. The projected cost of the basic equipment for North America will be about 230 thousand dollars.

In addition, it became known about the future presentation of the new Aston Martin DB11 Volante. It will also take place next year. Maybe even before the sports car. The automaker is not in a hurry to share detailed information about the new generation DB11, but according to available data it is already possible to draw up a preliminary review of the car in 2018.

Features of a design and an exterior of a car. Best new cars.


Thanks to the use of lightweight construction, as well as the active use of aluminum and modern alloys, the car will noticeably «lose weight». The novelty will receive a wider grille, crowning the hood lowered to the bottom, and an extensive air duct.

The splitter will also increase in size. Such changes are not made by chance. The large grille allows for a larger intake of air to cool the powerful motor, and the massive splitter provides a better clamping force.

Also, the new aerodynamic package, first put on the road car, will include upgraded side skirts, a new bumper and an aggressive rear diffuser with remote control, which, together with the large exhaust pipes, serves as a real decoration for the stern.

Very impressive look great light alloy wheels with original pattern, framed by neat wheel arches. On the sides there are characteristic ribs and punching, and on the boot lid there is a spoiler, which by the beginning of the release should become more wide and sporty with the possibility of adjustment or it will be abandoned altogether from the test version.

Interior design and sports car equipment. Best new cars.


The new English car will have a special tubular-type exoskeleton, providing additional protection for passengers from injuries during emergencies. This is quite unusual for the production model. For example, Porsche applies this technology only in its most hardcore sports cars.

Therefore, the sports modification of the Aston Martin DB11 in 2018 can get another significant advantage over its closest competitors.

Changes in interior trim will be insignificant. Perhaps more aluminum and carbon elements will appear. By tradition, the manufacturer will offer several exclusive interior options with Alcantara leather on the steering wheel and center console.


Best new cars.

The novelty will acquire an advanced multimedia complex with a convenient touch screen and an instrument panel with additional information on performance.

It is also worth mentioning the comfortable sports seats «Recaro», focused more on the race than on the road ride. They were installed on the test races of the new car DB11 S. But the basic equipment is likely to have a modernized version of conventional seats. It is possible that the exo-cell interior will also go as an option. The details will be known closer to the release.

Specifications of Aston Martin DB11 2018. Best new cars.


Regardless of the presence or absence of the «S» in the title, the novelty will definitely be equipped with more advanced and powerful power units than those that stand under the hood of the car of last year’s release.

Experts predict the installation of a four-liter motor AMG Biturbo V8. And also the powerful 5.2-liter engine V12 with two cylinders, which in its standard configuration provides power of 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

Best new cars.

The upgraded version of the V12 for the Aston Martin DB11 S in 2018 will be able to show 650 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. By today’s standards, and given that the model will be released only next year, it may not seem too much for a sports car.

But excellent aerodynamic characteristics and reduced weight can significantly improve performance. Overcome the first hundred novelty will be in 3.7 seconds or even faster. This is at least 0.2 faster than the normal model. The maximum speed on the speedometer is fixed at around 200 mph (320 km / h).


Best new cars.


As the transmission will be offered an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which the designers of the Aston Martin promise to thoroughly revise and improve. A mechanical gearbox for new items is not yet provided.

Also in technical terms, we should expect a completely new chassis, improved steering and redesigned electronic equipment.

The driver can choose between different driving modes. Now there are three preinstalled variants — GT, SPORT, SPORT Plus.

Test Drive Aston Martin DB11 2018

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