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Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018.

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The next novelty, which will please its fans the German auto giant, will be a compact SUV Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018 model year.
It will replace the current model GLC, which in turn replaced the GLK-class.
In total, the series plans to produce eight cars, each of which will serve as a kind of replacement for the previous class.
At least, the head of Mercedes-Benz Cars division Dieter Zetsche at the Detroit motor show in January this year voiced the company’s future development strategy.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018

The new model will help the concern to maintain the positive dynamics of market sales in the sector of small crossovers. It is noteworthy that GLB will be executed in the hooligan and brutal style of the famous model Geländewagen.
At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees not only off-road appearance, but also good opportunities in terms of cross-country ability.
Junior «Helik» will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than his elder brother, who in our country is offered to buy at least 106 thousand euros.
According to preliminary data, the price of GLB in the US market will be close to the premium B-class and will be about 44 thousand dollars.
Now the car is at the final stage of development and is accelerating towards the official release in 2018-2019 model year.
«Mini Gelendwagen» has already lit up on several test runs and revealed some of its secrets.

Therefore, now with a high degree of probability it is possible to draw some conclusions about the exterior and technical equipment of the novelty. This preliminary review will indicate some of the most likely facts. Although by the time of presentation, everything can change. Recall that the design and engineering work on the Mercedes-Benz GLB is not yet finished.


Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018.

Appearance and configuration of Mercedes-Benz GLB.

In appearance, the novelty will radically differ from its previous counterparts GLC and GLK-class. As a sample, a predominantly expensive and very popular G-class was chosen all over the world. This implies the presence of faceted muscular style with small angles of inclination of the front and rear pillars supporting the roof.

Judging by the first unofficial photos, the car is more likely to be more like the conceptual model of Enter-G Force, which the interested world public could see at the end of 2012 at the motor show in Los Angeles. But recognizable features Gelendvagen, of course, will be present.

In fact, it will be an affordable and practical embodiment of Geländewagen for those who want, but can not afford to get a cult car. Especially novelty should interest modern youth.

Despite the fact that the car belongs to the family of German compact SUVs, it will probably become the largest of them. The estimated length will be impressive 4 m 60 cm. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided not only a five-seater, but also a seven-seater version of the layout of the cabin. And especially for China, an even longer modification, 4 m 80 cm, may appear.


Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018..

Interior design and layout of the car.

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018 in its design will echo the salon of other novelties of the German automaker A-class and CLA-class.

This means that there will be round openings of the AC split system, as well as an advanced COMAND (Cocpit Management and Data System) multimedia complex with a large touch screen, a navigator and a combined control function.

Inside the car will be quite spacious. The B-Class car salon combines excellent design and practicality. In addition to the five-seat and seven-seat landing, it is also likely to be offered a modification for four people with individual seats in the back row.

In addition, the availability of leather upholstery seats and seats, as well as a capacious trunk.


Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018...

Electrotechnical equipment of the model.

A modern complex of combined control and multimedia COMAND with a large touch screen over the center console;

Seven airbags;

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (ABD) function;

Electronic dynamic stabilization system (ESP);

4MATIC continuous all-wheel drive system with controlled descent; Adaptive cruise control;

A lifting assistance system to prevent rolling away from the car;

Electric drive for side mirrors with the possibility of their retraction;

MirrorLink technology for wireless communication and control of some car systems via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and others);

Harman Kardon’s advanced acoustics with three-dimensional sound positioning.


Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018....

Technical parameters of compact crossover.

A significant difference between Mercedes-Benz GLB and «Helik» is the absence of a frame. Frame construction is the privilege of large all-terrain vehicles. As a base, the developers used the MFA platform, improved and modernized for another Mercedes novelty — the future A-class hatchback of the 2017-2018 model year.

The novelty of the 2018 model year, in addition to the front-wheel drive, makes it possible to realize the all-wheel drive variant, as well as providing greater flexibility of production. This speaks in favor of the promised good off-road performance of the crossover.


Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018.....

The automaker must prepare for the off-road novelty a wide choice of power units of both petrol and diesel type. According to experts, this list must include a two-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 160 to 190 horsepower, as well as gasoline turbocharged engines of a new generation.

The appearance of the 400-strong engine for the «charged» configuration of the Mercedes-Benz GLB AMG is also not excluded. There are also rumors about the emergence of a hybrid version, but traditionally such models are released to the market after the start of sales of the basic modification.


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