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BMW i7 2023.

BMW i7 2023.

BMW i7 2023.

BMW tests electric sedan i7 of 2023 model year.

Western publications have published photos of the BMW i7 electric sedan 2023 model year.

The car was captured on the Nürburgring racetrack and looks big and heavy.

Production of BMW’s first-ever i7 electric sedan is now on the same production lines as the next-generation conventional 7 Series — in Dingolfing, Germany.

First deliveries to customers are scheduled for this fall, and it looks like the automaker is still making final adjustments to both of its luxury sedans.

Completely unmasked prototypes were recently spotted at the Nürburgring, suggesting that some final changes are probably being made.

We’ve spotted at least two different test prototypes of the novelty that will get the G70 index, and we’re pretty sure one of these cars is equipped with an all-electric motor in the video.

The electric version of the sedan will be sold as an i7 xDrive60 and will weigh about 2,715 pounds or a little more.

BMW i7 2023.

You can clearly see that the heavy batteries don’t help the i7 take corners, where — although generally stable — the electric sedan doesn’t look nimble.

Of course, the large and luxurious limousine is not meant for track use. The i7 is a modern, high-tech car, with an estimated range from the EPA of about 482 kilometers, although that figure is not yet official.

BMW i7 2023.

With a maximum charging capacity of 195 kilowatts at a DC fast charging station, it takes about 10 minutes to charge the battery to cover 128 kilometers.

The i7 is powered by two electric motors with a total output of 536 hp. A battery pack with a usable capacity of 101.7 kilowatt-hours provides the electricity.

BMW i7 2023.

Whether you like the look of the new 7-Series family or not, you’ll probably agree that the luxury sedan’s interior is a real revolution in this segment.

The highlight has to be the new optional Theater Screen, which is essentially a 31-inch 8K display that folds down from the ceiling like an upside-down sunroof.

BMW i7 2023.

First deliveries to customers of the new 7-Series in the U.S. are scheduled for November of this year.

The base model 740i starts at $94,295, including a destination charge of $995.

If you want a V8-powered limousine, prepare to spend at least $114,995, while the electric i7 starts at $120,295.


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