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BMW iX3 2021.

BMW iX3 2021

BMW iX3 2021.

Electric SUV BMW iX3 2021 with a range of 520 km.
The third generation BMW X3 went on sale 2 years ago. Initially, the manufacturer announced that the SUV would receive a full electric version, but the release was constantly delayed.

And only in July 2020, the Bavarians finally completed all the tests and presented their electric crossover, which, as expected, received the name BMW iX3.

What will surprise you? Will there be some kind of competition with the favorites of the market and, finally, how much does such pleasure cost? We will discuss below.

Technical stuffing

The electric SUV is built on the same cart as the ICE variant. The CLAR platform is equipped with multi-link suspension and ventilated disc brakes on both axles. Also on board is an electric parking brake, power steering, an adjustable steering column and a recuperation system.

The manufacturer does not report on the revision of the power elements, although the mass of the crossover has increased from 1715 to 2185 kg. Most of the weight is of course the battery.

BMW iX3 2021

The declared volume is 80 kW * h. The cruising range is 460 km, if you count according to the WLTP cycle (according to NEDC, it goes 520 km). Quite a sane result.

We also noticed the charging speed. If connected to the Wallbox, which the Bavarians have recently begun to offer to customers, the iX3 will reach 100% in 7.5 hours.

If you use a supercharger, you can charge up to 80% in 34 minutes (in fast mode). True, the battery will also be discharged faster and these 80% will only last for 100 km.

As for the motor range, everything is sad. The crossover only gets one engine on the rear axle. That is, all-wheel drive is not provided at all, while all the main competitors are all-wheel drive.

Power plant output — 286 hp at 400 Hm. In comparison with competitors, this is too depressing fact for all fans of the brand.

The dynamics will not please either. Up to a hundred iX3 “tears” in 6.8 seconds, which is 1-2 seconds worse than direct competitors. The maximum speed is limited to 180 km / h.

BMW iX3 2021

Onboard equipment

In terms of on-board functions and safety systems, the iX3 is not all that bad, unlike the technology. Among passive systems are ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP, TCS, DAC, HAC, IPA, light, rain and tire pressure sensors. Plus, the SUV gets a branded adaptive cruise with radar vision and relying on the readings of the navigator.

The list also includes:

Front and rear parking sensors;
Electrical package, which includes power windows, adjustment of seats and mirrors, opening the tailgate;
Heated front seats, windscreen and rear window, side mirrors and washer nozzles;
3-zone climate control unit;
9-speaker audio system with USB and AUX;
A roof with a panoramic view;
Virtual dashboard and 10-inch touchscreen of the multimedia complex.

Also on the list of options is the installation of adaptive optics, acoustic front windows, head-up display, a more expensive audio system from Harman Kardon and an improved dashboard interface.

BMW iX3 2021

Body and dimensions

For the production of the body, lightweight aluminum and carbon are used, which positively affects weight and dynamics. However, the Bavarians said the same about the ICE version.

As for the design, the silhouette and panels here are exactly the same as those of only 3 generations, but there are still slight differences.

1. First, there is a completely new front bumper, which is intended to correct the issue of aerodynamics.

2. Secondly, the radiator «nostrils» sills and lining on the rear bumper received a blue outline.

3. Thirdly, unique rims (19 inches) are installed here with not the most aesthetically pleasing design, but with high aerodynamic performance.

Also, if you look under the bottom, you can find a plastic sealed casing from the hood to the stern, which, as the Germans specified, also had a positive effect on aerodynamics (0.29 instead of 0.30).

BMW iX3 2021


The interior of the new BMW iX3 2021 retained its architecture, which we could see in the internal combustion engine versions, but the trim has been completely revised.

A different color palette is used with the same blue accents, a different plastic on the torpedo and a different kind of leather on the seats. There’s also a new multifunction steering wheel, pedal pads and a virtual dashboard interface.

In terms of interior volume, although the engine is located in the back, it eats up a little space. The luggage compartment of the electric car is 510 liters, while the internal combustion engine versions have 550 liters. There is also a folding mechanism for the rear sofa, after which the volume increases from 1560 liters.


As it is already clear, the iX3 does not have a single competitive
advantages. Along with it are the all-wheel drive Audi e-tron with 360 hp. on board and acceleration in 5.8 sec., 408-horsepower Mercedes-Benz EQC with dynamics in 5.1 sec., and British Jaguar I-Pace with installation of 400 hp. and a set of hundreds in 4.8 seconds.

Plus, these models came out much earlier and already managed to collect some kind of fitback.

Price and start date of sales

The iX3 2021 will hit the European market in the fall of 2020. The new product will be assembled exclusively in China, and the sales market is significantly curtailed in comparison with the ICE version. In particular, neither the United States nor Russia is on the list.

Regarding the cost, the declared price tag is at around 5.5 million rubles. For comparison, the internal combustion engine version with a 3-liter diesel engine with 249 hp. will cost 4.4 million, and the closest «competitors» in the person of E-Tron and EQC cost 5.4 and 5.6 million rubles, respectively.

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