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Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021 — what the sedan will look like after restyling (improved equipment and new design).
The flagship sedan of the Toyota subsidiary has never come close to 1 million units sold in its history. And recent years have shown very sad results.

The 5th generation Lexus LS was last updated in 2017 and in 2019 it did not reach 10 thousand units sold (in 2019, only 5,500 units).

Restyling of the 2020-2021 lineup, while maintaining the same statistics, will most likely be the last for the model. True, judging by the reviews, the big German trinity promises to lose ground this and next year.

So Lexus LS can still prove itself. What’s new introduced by the planned update, below.

Lexus LS 2021.

Technical stuffing

Since there was no generational change, the LS remained with its own bogie with an independent multi-link system on each axle. But the manufacturer notes the calibration of the shock absorbers, the installation of new stabilizers and the tuning of the active noise reduction system.

Also included are electric power steering, ventilated disc brakes front and rear and an adjustable steering column.
The engine range was also preserved and no work with the engines was announced. So the characteristics of the units remained the same. The younger 350th LS again received its naturally aspirated 3.5-liter gasoline unit in the V6 architecture. Recoil — 315 hp

The 500 got a 417-horsepower V6 with a twin turbine. The volume is the same — 3.4 liters.
The top 500h will again please with a hybrid version, which includes the V-shaped «six» of the 350th, but already paired with an electric train. The power of the latter is not disclosed, but in total the units produce 359 hp.

Lexus LS 2021.

As for the transmission, some work was done with the 8-band intelligent automatic transmission. The changes were made to the software, which increased the «acoustic comfort» of the driver.

Under such an intricate wording, in reality, there is an increase in the share of electric traction in the hybrid version and a more frequent increase in gears in the 350th and 500th, so as not to increase the torque when there is no need for that.

Onboard equipment

The main acquisition of the restyling was the transition from the Safety System + passive safety package to new rails called the Teammate. In 2021, this set will be actively implemented in the entire lineup of the brand.

But if in fact, the difference lies only in improving the adaptive cruise, which no one except Tesla dares to call an autopilot.

Lexus LS 2021.

The rest of the set will remain the same:

Sensors for light, rain, pressure in the wheels;
Electric drive and heated side mirrors;
Door closers;
10-variable electric adjustment of the front and rear row of seats with memory, massage, heating and ventilation functions;
Starting the engine from the button and keyless access to the salon;
Heated steering wheel, washer nozzles, windscreen and rear window;
5 driving modes;
Blind spot monitoring;
Traffic sign recognition;
Front and rear parking sensors;
4-zone climate;
Advanced multimedia complex with a 12.3-inch screen;
Music from Mark Levinson 19 speakers with USB and AUX;
Navigation system and on-board computer.

Also in the updated Lexus LS list are new adaptive optics brains called BladeScan AHS, which uses two rotating mirrors. It can already be seen in the updated Lexus RX.

Lexus LS 2021.

Body and dimensions

On the body, changes are only point. From what we managed to find — new air intakes on the front body kit, another form of head optics, a modified rear bumper and repainted rims at the stern.

The hybrid received additional air vents on the fenders and is painted in a new shade of gray. It also has a slightly different grille pattern and a blue-painted brand logo. The dimensions are the same.


There are not many changes in the cabin. This is a 12.3-inch multimedia screen, which is now not sewn, but stands on the torpedo, and the salon rearview mirror has now been replaced by a screen that broadcasts a picture from the camera above the license plate.

Additionally, Lexus representatives assure that the new interior received better noise isolation, which was also facilitated by the active noise cancellation setting.
Plus, when landing, you can feel the new seat filling, thanks to which you literally «drown» in the seats.


Competition can only be judged by price. For a similar check, instead of LS, you can purchase: Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG, Audi A8 L W12 6.3 Quattro, BMW 7 Series 760Li and Jaguar XJ Supersport.

Price and start date

Considering that the previous generation of the sedan turned out to be not at all interesting for the American market, which was once its target, the Japanese decided to rely on their native society of motorists (this is also due to the completion of the new cruise control).

Japan will receive a new LS this fall, and the Americans and the rest of the world (including the Russian Federation) will see the new product no earlier than the spring of 2021. The price tag is still approximate and amounts to about 6.2 million rubles.

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