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BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025 sedan: two years before the assembly line.

«BMW reinvents itself»: under such a promising slogan, this concept car premiered today.

By conceived a family of electric vehicles under the historical name Neue Klasse, BMW intends to repeat the success of the “New Class” mid-size sedans (BMW 1500/1600/1800/2000), which in the sixties opened a new chapter for the brand and laid the foundation for all subsequent models.

The first-born of the new electric range will be a sedan about the size of the current BMW three-ruble note, and the BMW i Vision Dee concept was a harbinger of this car at the beginning of the year.

And now we have its second iteration. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse sedan is still a show car, but it has become a few steps closer to the future production car: already without a hologram on the windows, an electrochromic color-changing film on the body and other fantastic solutions.

The length of the concept is 4.7 m, the width is 2.07 m, the height is 1.41 m. The wheelbase is 2.88 m against 2.85 m for the current third series.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

And for now, these are all the published characteristics of the machine, because at this stage the focus is on design.

On the one hand, the team of Adrian van Hooydonk tried to preserve in one form or another the main recognizable features of BMW — these are the “nostrils” on the front end, twin running lights and the Hofmeister bend.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

But, at the same time, Vision Neue Klasse has a new body plastic and an increased glass area. Wheel diameter — 21 inches.

The salon with four separate seats is designed in the spirit of minimalism and finished with materials made from recycled materials.

Instead of the usual decor, there is a widely configurable backlight, and instead of traditional instruments, there is a BMW Panoramic Vision display that occupies the entire width of the lower section of the windshield.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

You can configure the information displayed on it on the central touchscreen of the media system.

There is voice control and an additional 3D projector in front of the driver. All together, this is a new generation of iDrive.

All Neue Klasse models will feature the next sixth generation of eDrive electrical engineering with an 800-volt architecture.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2025.

Compared to current BMW EVs (such as the i4), the New Class sedan will see a 25% increase in energy efficiency and a 30% increase in range and battery charging speed. The energy density in the battery will be 20% higher.

The production sedan Neue Klasse is expected in 2025, immediately after it will be prepared a similarly sized crossover.

The production of these electric vehicles will initially be launched in Hungary, and subsequently also in Germany, Mexico and China.


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