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Estrema Fulminea 2021.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

Italian 2040-horsepower electric hypercar Estrema Fulminea will debut in May 2021.

The novelty will be released under the logo of the young firm Automobili Estrema. It was founded by Italian businessman Gianfranco Pizzuto, who was formerly a shareholder and distributor of Fisker cars in the European market.

The Estrema Fulminea electric car can accelerate to 320 km / h in less than ten seconds. Therefore, they called it «lightning fast» in translation from Italian.

And the new hypercar will also receive a 100 kWh solid-state battery from Belgian engineers from ABEE. Both firms have already announced a partnership.

As for the hypercar itself, it could reach the assembly line in 2023. The design of the novelty was declassified on the first teasers back in February.

Now new images of Estrema Fulminea have appeared on the Web, and the real interior of the supercar is promised to be shown on May 13, the day of the premiere of the novelty.

The Fulminea presentation will take place at the Turin Automobile Museum. Moreover, the Italians have already revealed some of the details.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

So, it is known that the supercar will receive four electric motors at once, and the total output of such a power plant will be 2040 hp. And the novelty will also get supercapacitors that guarantee the hypercar rapid acceleration.

Without recharging, such a high-performance electric car will travel about 520 kilometers.

Supercar Estrema Fulminea is preparing for the premiere: solid-state battery and supercapacitors.

Estrema Fulminea is the brainchild of a young Italian company Automobili Estrema, founded by entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto, a former shareholder and distributor of Fisker cars in Europe.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

Fulminea in Italian means «lightning fast»: the company promises that the car will be able to accelerate from standstill to 320 km / h in less than 10 seconds.

E-mobility startups are mushrooming today, especially in the ultra-luxury segment, where it seems difficult to come up with something new.

Automobili Estrema makes a risky bet on solid-state batteries, which are being developed by the Belgian firm ABEE (Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering).

In early March, Automobili Estrema and ABEE announced a merger and are now working together on the Fulminea supercar project, which is slated to enter production in 2023.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

The first Fulminea teasers were published in February, now you can see full-fledged images of the exterior, and «live» photos, including the interior, will be available on May 13 after the full-fledged premiere of the supercar at the Turin Automobile Museum.

However, the key technical features are already known.

The Fulminea’s power plant will consist of four electric motors (one for each wheel) with a combined capacity of 1.5 MW (2040 hp).

A solid-state battery with a capacity of 100 kWh is packed in a carbon-fiber «suitcase» and placed behind the driver’s and only passenger’s seats.

She will be assisted by supercapacitors installed in the area of ​​the front axle, which are responsible for the promised «lightning-fast» acceleration.

The Turkish company IMECAR Elektronik is responsible for the coordinated work of all components, which is engaged in the electrification of a wide range of vehicles: cars, light aircraft, yachts. The expected range on a single charge on the WLTP cycle is 520 km.

Estrema Fulminea 2021.

The developers expect that their miracle battery will have an energy density of 450 Wh / kg and weigh less than 300 kg, and the curb weight of the entire electric vehicle will not exceed 1500 kg.

For comparison, let’s say that the energy density of the Tesla Model 3 battery is 260 Wh / kg.

Many automakers, including Tesla and General Motors, are now working on solid-state batteries, but so far no one has managed to launch them into mass production, but even show them on a working prototype of an electric car.

Fisker and Dyson made a bet on solid-state AKBs, but the former eventually abandoned them in favor of traditional LG Chem batteries, and Dyson canceled its electromobility project altogether.

In general, if the solid-state battery from Automobili Estrema and ABEE does work, then the partners can get ready to row money with a shovel.

As for supercapacitors, they are no longer news on supercars — you can appreciate how it works on the serial Lamborghini Sian.

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