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Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

New version of Ferrari 296 GTB: special for Hungary.

Back in 2004, the Ferrari team achieved a landmark victory in Formula 1 at the Hungarian Hungaroring circuit.

Thanks to her, the legendary Scuderia achieved an outstanding result, winning both major championship cups ahead of schedule — the constructor’s and the individual championship.

In addition, in addition to Michael Schumacher’s championship, his teammate Rubens Barrichello took the honorable second place in the final championship table that year.

Ferrari releases rare 296 GBT to celebrate Schumacher and Barrichello’s triumph

2004 was a landmark year for Ferrari. Then, on the Hungarian track, the brand’s racing team won two major championship cups ahead of schedule.

Moreover, in addition to the first place of Michael Schumacher, his teammate Rubens Barrichello took second place in the final table.

And in honor of these events, the manufacturer decided to release a special version of the Ferrari 296 GBT 2024 model, which received a prefix to the name Assetto Fiorano Hungaroring.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

This car received an optional track package. It includes 4-point seat belts, racing shock absorbers, Michelin tires and a number of carbon fiber elements.

The car is powered by the same hybrid system.

It is based on a 663-horsepower 3.0-liter biturbo engine, the torque of which is 740 N*m. It is combined with a 167 hp electric motor. and 315 N*m of thrust

In total, the system generates 830 hp. The model’s transmission is an 8-speed manual transmission.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

Also, among the features of the car, one can highlight the 2-color body color with an iridescent three-layer scarlet metallic and white accents.

And on the edge of the hood there is a proud number 1. A total of 5 copies of the model were produced.

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of such a major victory, Ferrari decided to celebrate it by releasing a special version of the current Ferrari 296 GTB model.

The long-named Ferrari 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano Hungaroring coupe is equipped with the optional Assetto Fiorano track package.

It includes Multimatic racing shock absorbers, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires, four-point seat belts in the cabin, as well as a number of carbon fiber parts.

The splitter, door sills and wheels are made from this material.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

The hybrid power plant has not undergone any changes; it includes a V6 3.0 biturbo engine (663 hp, 740 Nm) and an electric motor (167 hp, 315 Nm), which is installed between the internal combustion engine and an eight-speed preselective “robot”. The total output of the system is 830 hp.

The special version has a number of modifications made by the Ferrari Atelier division.

The main thing is a two-tone body color with a prevailing three-layer scarlet metallic Rosso F1 and white accents in the Bianco King shade.

On the nose there is a well-deserved and proud number 1. There are white parts in the interior, and in addition to them, the diagram of the Hungaroring circuit and the Hungarian flags, which are embroidered on the headrests of the “buckets,” stand out.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2024.

Of course, there was a commemorative carbon fiber plaque with the name of the limited edition.

A total of five examples of the Ferrari 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano Hungaroring were made, and they are already on display in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

As usual in such cases, Ferrari does not disclose the price of exclusive supercars, but this does not matter, because they are all already sold out.


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