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Ford C-Max 2022.

Ford C-Max 2022.

Ford C-Max 2022.

Ford C-Max 2022: a version of the American minivan in new design and technology standards.

Ford has unveiled a new version of the «family» minivan, the Ford S-Max 2022, at its annual auto show in Paris.

The next restyling of the brand range model demonstrates bold layout and design solutions in the exterior design of the body and arrangement of the five-seat interior, as well as improved traction characteristics of more powerful and dynamic power units.


In the new interpretation of the comfortable, at the same time practical and functional minivan is identified by the recognizable layout of the front end, the configuration of the side windows and LED clearance and stop lights.

The new model of the four-door single-door is also distinguished from its predecessor by pronounced elements of aggressive style.

In the photo, the recognizable features of the traditional minivan layout focus the attention in the front, the most expressive projection:

The nominal difference in the dynamic angles of the front glazing and the embellished with ribbed profiles of the small-format hood;
Decorative chrome on the perimeter and lamellae of the hexagonal radiator grille;
sickle-shaped contours of running lights of multifunctional blocks of headlights.

Ford C-Max 2022.

In the configuration of the lower segment of the front — protruding in the center of the bumper, designed in the same style as the upper grille of the lower air intake and built-in fog lights in the side diffusers.

The composition is completed by a small-sized metal dodger.

A positive visual perception is generated by the proportional ratio of body, wave and step reliefs, as well as the creatively refined dislocation of decorative accents.

In profile, the new minivan body demonstrates:

the characteristic dimensional proportions of the short engine compartment and cab, as well as the straight verticality of the rear of the body;
the harmonious combination of the hollow roof and the chromed arched contour of the side windows;
rectangular rear-view mirrors and ribbed profiles of longitudinal side reliefs;
the correct geometry of the wheel arches and the classic spoke design of the 17-inch wheels.

Details of the crossover layout are present in the design of the stern.

Ford C-Max 2022.

In sight is the combination of a spoiler and steep slope of the rear window, the latest graphics of the interlocked silver-toned parking lights, as well as the bumper profile with a pair of fog lamps.

The composition is rounded off with two cutouts for the large-caliber exhaust pipes.


The 2022 Ford S-Max minivan’s belonging to the prestige car segment is confirmed by the high quality of the interior’s finishing materials, extended onboard, comfort-forming and functional equipment. Available:

a set of cameras for video monitoring of the road situation;
a system of reading information from road markings and road signs;
climate control and navigation equipment, as well as electronic assistants simplifying driving.

Free of construction details the upper sector of the multifunctional steering wheel provides an excellent overview of the highly informative digital instrumentation with simulation of pointers and readable on-board computer monitor.

The upper tier of the massive center console includes a 10-inch media-command display, as well as a set of two ventilation deflectors.

Ford C-Max 2022.

The lower part of the dashboard, which is structurally aligned with the tunnel, provides easy access to the activators and settings of the component systems.

As part of the tunnel typical set, consisting of a gearshift knob, cup holders and several comfort organizers, including a cooler located in the armrest.

In sight of the premium comfort, equipped with lumbar-lateral support, heating, vibration massage, ventilation and memory of several presettings «captain’s» seats.

The three-seat rear seat service is limited to back tilt and a reclining armrest.

The two uncomfortable third row seats from the list of paid options are unofficially listed as child seats.

The 700-liter capacity of the luggage compartment due to stowage of second and third row seats’ backs increases up to 1050 and 2000 liters, respectively. The floor niche is designed to store a compact spare.


In the new generation of Ford S-Max 2022 fully retained the dimensions of the model of the previous generation, in the proportions of 4796 x 1916 and 1650 mm.

The center-distance length and body-clearance height are 2,849 mm and 128 mm. Urban-type body-clearance directly indicates limited or even no off-road potential.

Ford C-Max 2022.

In the advantages of front-wheel drive «bogie» CD4 independent, rack-mounted Macpherson and lever-integral, suspension, hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers and travel stabilizers, disc brakes and safety systems.

The manufacturer offers a range of three diesel and two gasoline-powered powertrains, 1.5-liter and 2-liter displacement, with power outputs from 160 to 240 hp and 240-345 N-m peak thrust.

The range of transmissions offered is limited to a six-speed manual and an eight-band automatic.

Test drive showed acceleration time to first hundred in the range 13.4-8.8 seconds, maximum 200-226 km/h, gasoline and diesel consumption at 8 and 6 liters.

Features and prices

About the development of other, including top-end minivan modifications, nothing is known. As for the cost, the initial price of the base model starts from the amount of $ 29,000.

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