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Ford Taurus 2023.

Ford Taurus 2023.

Ford Taurus 2023.

Ford Taurus 2023 is a new sedan based on the Mondeo.

The model Ford Taurus is the oldest representative in the lineup — the production began in 1985.

In the nineties the trucks were in demand and sold with enviable regularity.

However, in 2007, sales began to decline, and the company decided to end the assembly in the U.S..

The last Taurus rolled off the assembly line in the spring of 2019.

However, the model itself is still in production — in 2015, a Chinese version appeared with an initial focus mainly on the market of the Celestial Empire.

Since 2020, there are export deliveries to the Middle East — Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and others.

Since 2017, the Taurus (still «American») has become a bestseller, and losing such a market is not in the interest of the concern.


In the countries of the Middle East, the Chinese version of the Taurus successfully took over the leading position of the American model.

However, Ford decided to curtail production in China, leaving no direct successor.

Ford Taurus 2023.

In other words, the largest sedan is now the new Mondeo model. For the Middle East, it is the upgraded Ford Taurus.

The exterior of the new model (not an «American» anymore) in many ways copies its Chinese counterpart in the face of Ford Mondeo.

That is, the two models are almost the same, which gives the right to call them twins or twin.

Only nameplates, as well as elements of body design are original.

At least the real «Chinese» has slightly different shape of the bumper, although it may depend on the configuration.

In general, both cars are close in style to the nearest relative — the crossover liftback Ford Evos.

Ford Taurus 2023.

Several features are worth noting:

Two-tiered headlamp units — above the main headlights there is a LED strip of exhaust lights.
The original implementation of the black grille.
Retractable door handles.
The trunk lid also has an LED strip.
Rear headlights in Mustang style — vertical elements with LEDs.

In essence, the new Taurus is the same Mondeo model that is also up for release, but in an updated version.

Interior and equipment

The interior of Ford based on Mondeo also largely repeats the interior of its Chinese counterpart.

However, the developers are a little «stingy» regarding the implementation of displays for the car for export, although both screens are combined under the same visor.

The modern digital dashboard is represented by an 8″ monitor (in the Chinese — 12.3″).

The main multimedia display is 13.2″ (Mondeo — 27″).

Ford Taurus 2023.

In this case, the multimedia screen of the true Chinese is located virtually the entire width of the front panel (the real «TV» is 1.1 meters).

Such a concept is typical for most Chinese cars. But apparently, buyers of the Middle East market are not yet ready for such «luxury».

For the convenience of the driver there is a steering wheel with three spokes and several buttons. There is wireless charging in the cabin, as well as Apple Car Play and Android Auto interfaces.

Other functional equipment includes:

adaptive cruise control system;
emergency braking system, working in autonomous mode;
blind spot monitoring;
a collision warning system.

A rotary knob («puck») on the center console also stands out. In addition, buyers can count on a panoramic roof.

Technical Specifications

«American» was based on the «bogie» Ford D3, and the basis of the Middle East Taurus is based on the CD4 platform, like the Mondeo IV generation (the model was also delivered to the Middle East).

Compared with the last American model, the dimensions of the new version has changed slightly downward.

Ford Taurus 2023.

Dimensions of the Middle East version

Length (mm) — 4 935
Width (mm) — 1 875
Height (mm) — 1 500
Wheelbase (mm) — 2 945

Technical equipment of Taurus and Mondeo is the same — both have a 2-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine with 246 «horses».

In addition to it, there is an 8-band automatic transmission.


Novelty has not so many rivals on the market, first of all, these are representatives of famous brands:

Nissan Teana
Volkswagen Passat
Mazda 6
Toyota Camry

Undoubtedly, modern Ford Taurus is ahead of a number of competitors (if not all) in terms of technical equipment. But it will probably be inferior in price.

Release date and pricing

Despite the departure of the Taurus from the Chinese market, the assembly process at Changan Ford’s production facilities has not been stopped.

From there, finished cars will be delivered to the Middle East as early as this summer.

How much the novelty will cost is still unknown, as well as the plans to supply models to other regions, but since Ford has also left the Russian market, domestic car enthusiasts will have to use roundabout ways for the desired «trophy».

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