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Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022. Geely started selling the Emgrand sedan with a record-breaking range.

Due to hybrid technology can travel up to 1,300 km.

It should be noted that at the cost announced by the manufacturer, the car could become a bestseller, if it gets to the Russian Federation.

Chinese brand Geely launches the new Emgrand L Thor Hi-X sedan with a hybrid engine.

In length, the novelty reaches 4,735 mm with a distance between the axles of 2,700 mm. The ground clearance is small — 148 mm, as it should be for a classic sedan.

Note a very bright and unusual look — primarily due to the large grille.

Headlights here are vertical and the air intakes are quite massive. We’ll also note the stamps in the side.

The brand logo is backlit, which looks very effective. Port for charging the electric motor is located in the front on the left wing.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

Rounding out the image are the wheel rims — they have a diameter of 17 inches and two shades.

The stern is distinguished by headlights in the form of a monoblock — they shine very brightly due to the 258 LED elements.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

The interior has received two-color design, as well as two large screens — the first is responsible for the instrument panel, and the second for the head unit. The gearbox selector is made in the form of a joystick.

As we said earlier, in place of the motor chose a hybrid engine.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

It is based on a turbocharged engine with 181 hp and supplemented by an electric motor with 136 hp.

The total output reaches impressive 317 hp, which allows picking up the first 100 km/h from a place for only 6.9 seconds.

Gasoline consumption in the mixed cycle is pleasantly pleasant — 3.8 liters per every 100 kilometers.

You can drive 100 km on electricity alone, and with a full tank the range increases to 1,300 km.

Geely Emgrand L Thor Hi-X 2022.

The equipment of Emgrand L Thor Hi-X is quite rich — here you can control the voice, as well as receive updates by «air».

There is also an autopilot, though the presence of the driver’s hands on the steering wheel is necessary.

The cost of the car is already known and it is pleasantly surprised — the basic version is estimated at 134 600 yuan (1.52 million rubles), and the maximum version costs 150 600 yuan (1.7 million rubles).

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